30 Blog Post Ideas

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One thing that I find very frustrating as a blogger is feeling like you’re in a writers rut. I absolutely hate believing or thinking that I have no idea what to write content wise for my readers (you). In order to keep you guys entertained and give you all the information I know I’ve got to keep myself organized and keep my thoughts on paper or something you know?

Here are my ultimate list of 30 blog post ideas… I hope this can help you out when you’re feeling like you’re in that rut.

  1. The way you set up your planner (notes or anything else)
  2. How to pack for a trip
  3. How to live with people (girlfriend’s boyfriends, friends, step-parents etc.)
  4. What’s in your bag
  5. How to search for a job
  6. Work out routines
  7. How to save money in college
  8. A get ready with me routine
  9. Review a book/story read
  10. Review a movie
  11. Go to a big event (use meetup) and share your experience
  12. Favourite Influensters [Youtubers, Instagrammers, etc..]
  13. Things you regret not doing in college
  14. Clothes haul
  15. Why you started blogging
  16. The top website you’ve visited this week
  17. Pro’s & Cons of College/University
  18. Apps and websites you love
  19. Share ten pictures on your phone and tell the story behind it.
  20. Things every 20-year-old should know how to do.
  21. Why you would want to do something that’s on your bucket list.
  22. A list of all charities with a focus on the one you support (explain why)
  23. A letter to your younger or older self.
  24. Letter to your parents
  25. Share Storytimes (like on youtube videos but blog version)
  26. Letter to your fav high school teacher
  27. Being friends with someone for a long time
  28. Outfit of the day
  29. Fashion trends you love & hate
  30. Explaining your tattoos and piercings.

There you have it, my first list of 30 blog post ideas!!! There will be more to come so be sure to sign up for my emails or follow my social media to see my new posts. Hope these have helped you out!

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