Here’s To A Fresh Start


Good Morning Readers.. Happy Saturday first of all!! I wanted to write today because I’ve got some HUGE & exciting news.

If you know me personally you’d know that all of my life I’ve tried to make money through the inter-web. I’ve done my research and i continue to look for new ways because i mean… who doesnt love money, am i right?

I created this blog back in 2015 I believe and I’ve been putting money into it even though I haven’t really been putting my all into it. That is because i BELIEVE in myself. I know that as of a few months ago i wasn’t truly sure of what i wanted to do with myself… my life… my career. All i know is i want to be MY OWN boss.

But see, that can mean anything right? I could go to school get my business associates degree, get certified in other areas so that it boosts up my knowledge and then just open up my own business “some day” right? Or i could join a company to jump start my business while i take classes to get certified to boost my knowledge up. In this second scenerio i could also still go to work with my lovely mother as a full time assistant and keep the steady income so i don’t over stress myself.

I am a person of multi-tasking. I am a person of true believing in something unless it fails completely… actually even when it fails completely i am the type to just look for another approach and make it happen my way. I guess you can say thats a typical boss babe mindset right?

So my huge announcement? I left my last gig…. I KNOW. CRAZY RIGHT?! I am now a part of an amazing company that stands to allow us promoters to be who WE simply are born to be. Post what we want to post, when we want to, if we even want to post anyway.

Fresh starts are the best kind of starts.. and honestly I have not been as happy as i would have liked to be since a week ago when i decided to make a life-changing decision.

I won’t promise to be posting frequenty, but i can tell you i will be coming up with the best schedule for myself instead of squeezing everything all in one day. To keep up with my journey you could also follow my IG and just DM me letting me know you’ve came from this exact blog post.

Instagram: @Briannaanjelique

I hope that this post has inspired you to do something that always gave you”fear”.

“The best things are always on the other side of fear”

I hope to hear from you soon babes, have a great weekend.

Here’s to a fresh start


January 2019 Predictions


Hello readers!! I am doing very well with my blog posts so far… but let’s not jinx it now shall we HA.

I thought that maybe I could do a series this year. Every month I will predict how the month will go and at the end of the month I can come back and UPDATE!!

So I’ll try this out for 3 or 4 months and then see if it’s even worth doing ha-ha. I think it’ll be a cute idea to really focus on my goals throughout the year by doing this, some sort of diary or journal and it keeps me really motivated so I can achieve all that I want to achieve.

The Month of January


For my blog, I really believe that this month it will be getting on the RIGHT path. Meaning I can see a sense of schedule will be initiated for sure. I see myself with a clear view on exactly what kind of topics I’d like to post and slowly but surely figuring out good days and times to post my blogs.

I also see a community forming this month. By community I mean a lot of new readers will be pouring in from all over the united states and maybe a couple of readers out of the country.

I do see myself utilizing all of my social media, to network and promote my blog posts which will help bring in a diversity of people. I believe that blogging this month will motivate me to branch out more and step out of my comfort zone just to have more content. and I do not mean this is a BAD way but more of a good sense because something I love to do is write / blog. I also enjoy helping others in any way possible.

January is looking like a great month to start the year off with this amazing blog.

Social Media

For those that don’t know me well, you wouldn’t know that social media is my livelihood. ever since I was in the 10th grade, I would try and make some kind of money using my smartphone, tablet and or laptop.

Social media is one of the biggest forms of life right now. Everybody is on Instagram or Twitter or even on FB posting their lives away. Posting their thoughts, their selfies, just overall EVERYTHING.

Because of what I do, my network marketing side hustles, I have to use my social media. I solely use social media for my businesses and the reason for that is because I can reach people in Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Alabama so forth and so on! Doing this not only helps my business out but I also gain REAL friendships.

Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to platforms for not only my business part of life but also my personal life.

I am one hell of a quote & wallpaper lover. I also really love finding new bloggers and inspiration by using Pinterest. When I was younger my mother did a lot of crafts and now I always look at DIY things that I could possibly do, whenever there is a time of course.

Anyway, I predict that within this month I will gain more knowledge within the Pinterest algorithm. I believe that I will gain more friends within the blogging community and be able to join minor board groups through Pinterest for my blog!

I predict that Instagram will BLOW up for me this month. Not only will my engagements be a lot more than where it is now, but I will also have many more active followers and better content posted. I am hoping that the engagements on each post will go up by hundreds as well as my Instagram story views this month.


In the sense of this topic, I don’t just mean dating / romantic relationships but also friendships and a better bond with my family & current friends in my life!

I predict that I will find many great friends within my professional side of life. I think that maybe it’ll be a new team member or multiple team members placed right under me. Maybe I’ll attend an event and meet amazing people there with the same goals as me; being my own boss for life. I predict that the friendships that I have now will just grow a better bond and connection, not in a physical way but more like an emotional connection.

Most friendships I have are long distance and I feel as though we don’t really talk much since they’ve moved but this year I predict that distance won’t stop the friendship from being more than “here and there” conversations.

I also feel as though that this year I’ll get out of my comfort zone as I wrote in my resolution post ( you can find that HERE ) which will lead in beautiful relationships with either men or woman.

Welp!!! That is all I can honestly think and predict right now If I ever think of more Ill definitely update this exact post haha!!

See you guys on the next post!!!