My Coming Out Story



So recently I’ve been logging onto my computer just lounging in bed watching LGBT related videos or vloggers. I came across this one coming out story video and decided to watch more. 

Watching those videos gave me some insight in a different lifestyle that everybody goes through in the LGBT community. I didn’t think still today a lot of people would get hate from their own loved ones for being who they truly are. 

of course there are homophobes out there in this world. the world is too big to not have any, but to not accept somebody that you are blood with or someone you’ve known for a very long time? I don’t understand it. 

Being a part of the LGBT community is something that I am extremely proud of. I love the community because we are just one huge family. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Pansexuals, etc… we do not discriminate between who likes who. We tend to not even discriminate those heterosexuals, even if many heterosexuals discriminate us. 

Today, I’d like to share my coming out story with you: 

The first thing about coming out is actually accepting yourself first as who you are. That is usually hard to do, saying it out loud. when I was in the fourth grade I remember getting SO jealous that my one friend always had boyfriends and she always left me out of the loop. as the years went on, she continued to have boyfriends and continued to be a ‘bad’ friend not letting me be a part of things. When seventh grade came along we were not so much friends anymore and that is when I realized I developed a crush on this girl. At first I didn’t want to admit it, and I felt really uncomfortable around anyone. I kept to myself. As eighth grade graduation came along we said our goodbyes and parted ways. 

Going to high school was so exciting. The thought of meeting new students and having more of a variety in classes was so much better. During my freshman year I did have a couple of ‘girlfriends’ and came out to Facebook with a privacy lock on it so only friends would see it and not family. Little by little I was accepting who I was except I didn’t really know WHAT label to stick with. Eventually my parents found out and sat me down to talk (still my freshman year) and surprisingly they were very supportive. Except when I brought a boy home, they were confused so I said I was too, just to keep them away from picking my brains out. 

When Junior year came along I met a very beautiful young lady that I found myself really interested in. When we became an official couple I decided to tell my father and mother separately and speaking to them about who I was, for the second time, was the best feeling in the entire world. I was able to have her come over and go over to her house right after school. I got really close to her family as she got to mine and that was my first serious relationship. I didn’t have so much weight on my shoulders as much as I did while it was hidden from my parents and my family. 

Once I spoke to my parents it was easier to tell the rest of my family. But what people fail to realize is that coming out isn’t only once but it is literally all of the time. When we get a job, when we meet new people, when we see family we haven’t seen in a while, etc.. it is nerve wrecking to have to tell the story all over again getting close to somebody and having to deal with their reaction towards it. 

If you haven’t came out the closet yet to your loved ones know that it is okay. Don’t rush to tell people who you are just wait until you’re absolutely ready. 

if you have came out already and things haven’t been okay, I promise things will get better sooner or later. Just hang in there angel <3! 

X O X O 



Getting advice from others.



I’m hoping the new year has treated you well so far. I had the most weird dream of all dreams! It was specifically about advice giving and there were lines of old friends of mine who wanted advice from me. One of the friends in that line were myself. I was pretty shocked but then I realized it makes sense. 

Every time I needed or still need advice I’d go to my friends or search it up on google to see what was said by others if it was even asked. Sometimes there were good answers but most of the time I’d end up doing what I wanted to do in the first place. and because of that reason, some of my “friends” cut me loose because I simply didn’t abide their advice every time they gave it. But it didn’t matter if I had lost them for that reason, because I had myself. I realized if they left for that reason well then that’s on them, the realist friend I have is myself. 

Most people got irritated because of the fact that they gave me advice after advice and I’d never listen to it. We mostly ask for advice from other people so we can get a different perspective. So we could see if maybe those words that they have can make us realize something different from our own thoughts.

So my advice to you is, do not listen to your friends. I mean sure you can ask for advice but you aren’t, obligated to go by what they say. at the end of the day it is your life. You live with the choices you make, with the consequences that some may take. So if you lose people for taking your own path, maybe it is just for the best. 
x o x o