Here’s To A Fresh Start

Good Morning Readers.. Happy Saturday first of all!! I wanted to write today because I've got some HUGE & exciting news. If you know me personally you'd know that all of my life I've tried to make money through the inter-web. I've done my research and i continue to look for new ways because i … Continue reading Here’s To A Fresh Start


Self Love Self Care

Hey readers, I've been gone for a bit. I needed to step back and worry about situations around me occurring. I needed some ME time and I know you all what I mean by that. Some of us don't give ourselves enough credit, don't you agree? We don't give ourselves space when needed because we … Continue reading Self Love Self Care

January 2019 Predictions

Hello readers!! I am doing very well with my blog posts so far... but let's not jinx it now shall we HA. I thought that maybe I could do a series this year. Every month I will predict how the month will go and at the end of the month I can come back and … Continue reading January 2019 Predictions