Here’s To A Fresh Start


Good Morning Readers.. Happy Saturday first of all!! I wanted to write today because I’ve got some HUGE & exciting news.

If you know me personally you’d know that all of my life I’ve tried to make money through the inter-web. I’ve done my research and i continue to look for new ways because i mean… who doesnt love money, am i right?

I created this blog back in 2015 I believe and I’ve been putting money into it even though I haven’t really been putting my all into it. That is because i BELIEVE in myself. I know that as of a few months ago i wasn’t truly sure of what i wanted to do with myself… my life… my career. All i know is i want to be MY OWN boss.

But see, that can mean anything right? I could go to school get my business associates degree, get certified in other areas so that it boosts up my knowledge and then just open up my own business “some day” right? Or i could join a company to jump start my business while i take classes to get certified to boost my knowledge up. In this second scenerio i could also still go to work with my lovely mother as a full time assistant and keep the steady income so i don’t over stress myself.

I am a person of multi-tasking. I am a person of true believing in something unless it fails completely… actually even when it fails completely i am the type to just look for another approach and make it happen my way. I guess you can say thats a typical boss babe mindset right?

So my huge announcement? I left my last gig…. I KNOW. CRAZY RIGHT?! I am now a part of an amazing company that stands to allow us promoters to be who WE simply are born to be. Post what we want to post, when we want to, if we even want to post anyway.

Fresh starts are the best kind of starts.. and honestly I have not been as happy as i would have liked to be since a week ago when i decided to make a life-changing decision.

I won’t promise to be posting frequenty, but i can tell you i will be coming up with the best schedule for myself instead of squeezing everything all in one day. To keep up with my journey you could also follow my IG and just DM me letting me know you’ve came from this exact blog post.

Instagram: @Briannaanjelique

I hope that this post has inspired you to do something that always gave you”fear”.

“The best things are always on the other side of fear”

I hope to hear from you soon babes, have a great weekend.

Here’s to a fresh start


Self Love Self Care


Hey readers,

I’ve been gone for a bit. I needed to step back and worry about situations around me occurring. I needed some ME time and I know you all what I mean by that.

Some of us don’t give ourselves enough credit, don’t you agree? We don’t give ourselves space when needed because we try to be super heroes and continue to put more on our plates. We keep to ourselves and wait till we actually had enough and just BREAK DOWN.

If you can relate to this, I want you to take a breather right now with me. Just clear your mind and relax for the next 5 to 10 mins. Get all those thoughts out of your head, worry about nothing.

Your mental health is so important just like your physical health. Keep on rocking your life but make sure you’re taking care of yourself too.

Don’t lose yourself because of the stress that you take head on. Be mindful to what you deserve, to what you’re worth. Get rid of all the negativity if possible. Create a lifestyle you want for your children or children you’ll have in the future. For yourself, your health, your daily struggles don’t have to be so much.

Follow my Instagram today ( @briannaanjelique ) and message me if you need to vent! I am here for you. I care for you. Make 2019 the best year because I KNOW it is YOUR year, if you want it.