January 2019 Predictions

Hello readers!! I am doing very well with my blog posts so far... but let's not jinx it now shall we HA. I thought that maybe I could do a series this year. Every month I will predict how the month will go and at the end of the month I can come back and … Continue reading January 2019 Predictions


Before 2019…

Good Morning lovelies! It's currently the morning of NYE!!! I cannot believe that this day is finally here, its actually pretty insane. This year went insanely fast but also incredibly slow..... ya feel? There's always a routine for me before the new year, it's actually pretty funny. I try to be this very organized person, … Continue reading Before 2019…

50 Blog Post Ideas for 2019

Happy NEW YEAR!!! It is officially 2019 and I am so so so so excited! I cannot wait to see where this year takes me. I also can't wait to see where this blog goes in the next few months this year. I knwo many people that have wanted to start blogging and i figured … Continue reading 50 Blog Post Ideas for 2019