College Life 101: How To Be Organized For Week One

College 101 [Series]

School is approaching, but don’t you be too sad.

In my opinion, school can definitely be fun! You’ve just got to provide the fun. I am here to give you the ins and outs on how to do just that with a new series, College Life 101. To start this series off I’m going to gives some tips on how to use your college planner.

Planners happen to be my best friend. I guess it’s because of the way that you have an entire book to keep you on your toes with quizzes or exams, due dates for essays and projects and even your extracurricular activities, work shifts, and just personal life duties!

Keep in mind: I can give you all the ins and outs of how to use your planner but how you end up using it should be entirely up to your taste, classes and just overall personality! 

You won’t be in the mindset to consistently use your planner if it isn’t fun and attractive to your own eye.

Syllabus Week / First Day 

I am pretty sure your professors are going to hand out their syllabus for that first day of class. I suggest bringing at least three high lighters with you for the first day. Make sure they aren’t all the same colors and you’re able to read what you high light. (yellow, green and maybe pink)

I would use yellow for quizzes/test/exam dates, the green for projects and the pink for your professor’s rules office hours and contact information.

Keeping your syllabus color coordinated like this would help you when you move on to putting all the dates into your planner.

So now that you have this information from each class high lighted and you’re back in your dorm, at the coffee shop or even at home take out your syllabus, some notebook paper (or binder paper) and your planner of course.

Grab a couple different colored pens if you have any, if not you can definitely just use a black pen and bring out the highlighters that you used for your syllabus.

Step One

Write all of your test/exam/quizzes into your MONTHLY calendar.

If your Communications class has a test on 09/16/2018 you’re going to write out COM105 Test #1. If you don’t have a different colored pens and you’re using just the black ink, you will in this case take your yellow high lighter and either high light the entire box, or you’re going to just high light the number “16” because that is an important date and it needs to stand out!

Visual examples (this planner is only to show you guys through visuals, literally bought this from the dollar store):


* You’re then going to repeat this step for your project dates. And remember this is for EACH class!!*


Step Two 

Now you’re going to go into your weekly part of the planner. Find the dates and you can either use some sticky notes (make sure they are color coordinated!!) or you can just write it out on the planner.  I would start with the class you have first for that day, that way it is timely organized. I know that some planners do not have times on them, I don’t like those personally.

Visual Example: 


Step Three

You’re going to take that notebook or binder paper now and you are going to use this to keep each one of your professor’s contact information as well as his/her office hours.