30 Day Writing Challenege : Five ways to win my heart

Hey readers, so its December and I am literally terrible at making schedules. I guess when my new planner comes in, it’ll make things SUPER easy. If you’re wondering what planner I’ve just recently purchased, I’ll be sharing it to my Instagram and twitter so be sure to follow me!!! #SelfPromo

Assuming that you all have read my last post, if not you can check it out now then come back, or not it’s totally up to you. Anyway, my blog has changed, not completely or appearance wise but my content is going to be consistent and I’m going to prove that by starting TODAY.

A lot of new bloggers tend to look at other bloggers and see what they do with their content and their blog when they SHOULDN’T. Why? Because well, you are your own person, am I right or am I right? No new blogger should look into other bloggers as a “inspiration” in the sense of BEING THAT PERSON, no. If you’re creating your own blog, please and I mean this in the nicest way, be your damn self. Stop trying to be other people and make content for other people. Like yes ok, you’re making content for your audience but really what audience do you have when you first start? A lot of new bloggers, like me, do this and they stop posting constantly or stop writing, have writers block, etc… because they try to do things for their “audience”. News flash, you’re a NEW BLOGGER, write the content that you want to write. Share your reviews, opinions, your life (not all of it of course), just be YOU. Ok? Thanks. #RantOver

Today’s blog post isn’t advice for new bloggers, unfortunately, sorry if thats what you thought it was lol. (yes, I wrote lol on a blog post) I wanted to make this post the first day of December but again, didn’t go as planned. Seven days later and I’m going to finally do it!!!

30 Day Writing Challenge

Like I said, I know I’ve missed a couple of days already. But you know what I can make this work. Just like how I’ve missed a couple days of VLOGMAS, I’m going to start TODAY on my VLOGMAS journey. #JudgeMe #IDC  #ImAnnoying

So, here’s the deal, the first writing day challenge is super easy and super short so I’m going to place it here with this one. I’d LA-LA-LOVE if you would comment below answering the question/challenge yourself or making your own blog post about it and sending it my way!! (link me to it/tag me whatever its called).

I also, want to thank you all for being super supportive. Like I swear I love every single one of you guys who read my posts, I don’t know you on a personal level but you know me in some weird way lol.


Writing Challenge Day ONE:

Five Ways To Win Your Heart

  1. Being able to bring you home to my family & they all love your personality, especially my nephew.
  2. If you can cook me up a meal or three? Oh my, oh my, I love waking up to some food (even from my naps)
  3. Giving me your love, attention and affection about like 80% of the time you’re around me… I don’t think that’s asking for much….. am I?
  4. Buy me some chocolate and coffee. Can’t live without my coffee.
  5. Don’t be a pushover. I mean sure, let me get away with certain things… but sometimes us women need someone to put their foot down and tell us who the f*** is the boss. (which is literally only sometimes you and always me soooooo #getyourfactsstraightbabe)

LOL, so thats my first writing challenge, I didn’t even really think about this too much honestly. Just let my brain do the minor thinking and the fingers did the typing. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing writing day challenge #2 which has a lot to do with strong feelings.. wonder what it could be.

I’m also wondering what are your five ways that someone could win your heart. (note: this does not have to be about love it can be about friends and all.) Comment below with your five (or more its cool) or create your own blog post, spice it up, make it YOU and tag / link me to it, I’d really love to see what you all have up in your brains.

See you guys next time.



30 Day Writing Challenege : Five ways to win my heart

Family | Familia



Today’s post is dedicated to all of those children out there who feel like they don’t belong. You aren’t alone. 



Hey readers… something has come to my mind this week and I thought about sharing the true meaning of life for me; my family. Now a lot of you may take this specific word “family” as those who I share blood with and yes, it does but it doesn’t end there.


Let’s take it back to when I was just a little girl. Of course, I don’t remember exactly how it happened but when I was just 3 years old my parents were attending this party. There were kids there my age and probably older as well but I got along with everyone as a child, I mean who doesn’t? At this party, I met my best friend, Nicole, for the very first time.



That party was the first time I saw her and my parents nor her parents thought we’d ever see each other again. When it was time for my first day of school, where she was, Nicole was in the same school as me and I believe the same class. We were friends up until I moved schools in the middle of third grade. Ironically, every year on Halloween a city near me throws a little Halloween parade, every year I’d go because of the dance school I was in would participate in it. Every year that I was in it I saw Nicole with her siblings and her mother in the exact SAME spot… literally every year.


My mom would get their house phone number but would never really keep it in the same place or just forgot about it, so we never kept in touch, way to go, mom. When it came down to the first day of high school, I saw her again. We spent every single day in the same classes (not all but some) and it wasn’t until I believe sophomore year or maybe junior year that we started to call each other best friends. She moved in with us in junior year because there were some situations, and she than became my sister. My parents practically adopted her before she moved in any way, we were inseparable. She moved out about a year ago maybe longer, not too sure on time (since time goes super quick in the adulthood lifestyle).


We’ve had our shared fights, as any and every sister would but, no matter what happens or has happened she is still my sister.


She is my family.


My mom’s best friend? I can actually go on about this woman right here, believe me but I’m not going to because well, that’s just a whole post right there. All you need to know is that this woman is the strongest woman I’ve ever gotten to meet; she is my hero. I literally call her my aunt to others but when I talk to her directly I call her mom. She’s done so much for me; she’s been there for me multiple times especially in middle school. She’s opened her arms to me and treated me as if I am one of her own and I couldn’t ask for anything else because she does it all.


She is my family.



My best friends Jennifer & Vanessa, these two have been there for me since middle school. I met Vanessa in third grade, she heard that I spoke Portuguese and just wanted to be my friend since she’s half Portuguese and Brazilian. She’s always been there for me, in everything. Jennifer transferred schools in the 6th grade and that’s how we met. Jennifer and I were actually really close, despite the little fights that were SUPER childish that I’d always cause, she always has been my #1 support system. These two have grown to be such amazing and inspiring women, get you two best friends like these, I’m telling you. I am so thankful for them and so glad that I still have them by my side. Although we don’t talk every day or see each other every day, Jenn goes to the school which is literally right behind my house and Vanessa lives just 10 minutes away from me. I know that I can always count on these girls and can always call them my sisters from another mister.


They are my family.


My fiancé introduced me to her some of her family members when we first made things official back in March of this year. They are NOT my blood but I’ve never felt so comfortable around a family (besides my own) like I do with them. They’ve shared personal stories with me, they’ve shared their goals and dreams, they showed me pictures and basically the entire family tree? Yeah, I know the gist of things, even if it took me a while to understand it all, I’ve got it down packed now.

Her little cousin is like my little boyfriend; he even calls me his. It’s just so adorable.


They are my family.



So now you might be wondering why I shared all of these things with you. Well, that’s simply because I’d like to share with you all that family isn’t just blood. For example, the TV show, The Fosters Written by Peter Paige and produced by Jennifer Lopez. If you haven’t watched it, it’s about two women, Stef and Lena, who are in love with one another. Stef, who is a police officer has her biological son, Brandon, from her previous marriage. Stef and Lena both foster twins, Mariana and Jesus, who were put into the system due to their birth mother not being able to take care of them. They eventually adopt the twins as their own and raise them together as a whole family. They made sure that the twins wouldn’t feel left out or out of place because blood does not determine family.


Of course, there is more to the story, but if you haven’t seen it go onto Netflix and watch seasons 1-5, the rest I believe is still playing on TV, just not on Netflix quite yet.


I bring up this show because I absolutely love the message it sends. It shows all of what a child in the system might go through, it shows the love and positive sides of how a foster home should look like for children of ANY age. It shows that family isn’t just those who share the same blood as you. A family is those who support you, love you unconditionally and treat you equally as the others in the family. They don’t treat you so poorly and just kick you to the curb, so to speak.



Well, that’s all I have to say. I’d like to come back to this topic again someday but I’d also like to hear from all of you.


What does family mean to you? Do you have the same opinions as me? Who qualifies as family for you and what doesn’t?




Thank you all for supporting me, for reading my posts. I appreciate all of you. More content to come.





Family | Familia

Dear You

Dear you,

Things haven’t been okay lately, but that is OK. Things aren’t supposed to be perfect, things aren’t supposed to be laid out right in front of you and just become peachy. Before you have a mental break down listen to your head, listen to your heart, breathe and focus. Focus on yourself, focus on your heart beating… focus on what is best for you right now.

I know you think you’re alone right now but you aren’t. I know you think that the world is collapsing slowly and you don’t know where to hide or where to run off to. Well here’s your first answer, DON’T RUN. Running never solves anything, I bet you can agree on that one.

It’s ok to be scared of the future, it’s ok to not know exactly how things go… its life sweetie. Forget the past! You’re running back to it and that? That is not ok. You’ve got to try and let go of that one memory that is holding you back, yes HOLDING YOU BACK. You are holding yourself back by letting that ONE memory eat you alive.

They love you. Your parents, your siblings, your cats & dogs, your grandparents, your friends, your aunts & uncles, your cousins, they all love you. Your best friends love you, your soulmate is out there wishing they can give you the world but they can’t right now because they are also hurting. Its life sweetheart and we all have to go through things and that is why you are not alone. We all have our burdens, we all have our sorrows, we all have our mistakes, we all have our past that we keep holding onto.

The only thing that makes us all “unique” & “different” is that we all go through things differently. We all suffer differently and at our own pace in life.

Everything will be ok. You will be ok.

Let go of those you’ve lost, and let go of those who cause you nothing but pain and headaches every single day because those are the people that will continue to hold you back in life. Keep those who motivate you, who hold you physically and metaphorically because those are the people who truly care about your success within loving yourself again, no matter how many times you lose yourself, THEY will love you enough for you to find yourself again.

Breathe. Never give up on yourself. Everything will be ok, I promise.



P.S.– Share your story or your letter, tag this post or me in it or share it down below.

Dear You

New Chapter | New Blog

Hey family, hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very safe black Friday! It’s now a wonderful Tuesday evening and I just wanted to catch up with you all. Things haven’t been alright lately, it’s just been a huge ball of worries and stress I guess we can call it.

I’ve lost myself in the mist of this year and I feel like it’s so common for those my age or in the new generation to feel this way so often. I’ve stopped doing the things I love most: Writing, Blogging, photography, hanging out with my family and friends, just simply living.

I’m writing this post and sharing with you all today because someday (or maybe even now) you’ve lost yourself too. When I created this blog I didn’t create it just for myself, I created it to express myself in ways that will inspire and help others like you.


I’ve been living a lie within myself for far too long, just to be seen as happy. I wanted this perfect love life, this perfect life in general and in the long run I’m just making super hard for myself to even breathe.


I’ve focused way too much on other people and I’ve gotten nowhere with it. I’ve realized that a lot of people in my life have done the exact same thing at the exact same time as I have and we just lost ourselves, in the mist of loving one another.


Today, it ends all of that. Today I’d like you all to join me in self-love and self-care. I’ll be changing my blog around to not only based off that but also on how you can make your money by being online the same way I can. Advice for college students or just anyone to get out of the mess that they are in. Mentally, emotionally and financially.


Of course, I don’t know all the answers, I’m winging it, I’m also sharing my story and how I’m going to be doing it.


Hopefully, this will all help you.


Share below what’s going on in your mind right now, share your story. I’d love to hear.


Click here to read a letter that can either get you thinking or clear your mind.





New Chapter | New Blog

How I Met My One and Only

As cliche as this story may sound, it is 100% true and I’m excited to share with you all of it. All of my happiness.

It happened six years ago, seven school years ago (here in Jersey school starts in September and ends June the following year). The way we met is actually through an ex-girlfriend of mine, Tiff, who happens to be one of my best friends now. It was one of those high school, not so real, relationships if you catch my drift.

Also, I’d like to mention that at this moment in my life I wasn’t really sure if I liked girls the way that a lesbian would, so there was a lot of breaking up and getting back together as high school couples often do.

Tiff and Lily (my fiance) were the best of friends since middle school, even if Lily was such a huge ball of “aggy” (annoying) towards almost everyone that she was friends with. No, I’m not being rude guys, just being honest for you. This all plays into both how and why we became something more than I ever thought we could be.

When things harshly and childishly ended between Tiff and I, Lily was the “messenger” in the whole ending process. By that I mean, Tiff would give Lily sentimental objects to send to me, and I would return the favor; that is what brought Lily and I closer together. She would walk me to my classes and her hugs were just TO DIE FOR. We got close after things ended between Tiff and me due to the fact that when we were dating, she wanted me to  “stay away” from Lily. I think anyone can agree that in their teenage years when someone says “don’t” you end up doing it 85% of the time.

So, here’s the part where I fall in love, but didn’t realize it. I literally didn’t know that I was falling in love because as I mentioned before, I wasn’t sure how I felt about women. I also didn’t think much of it because she was really just a friend that I could go to for just about anything. She was truly a funny and energetic human being, whose personality was so high spirited that I just never thought of it as being anymore than friends.

Until she shared her feelings for me in my junior year of high school when we had piano class together. She wrote a love letter to me through email and then had it hand written and gave it to me; causing those feelings to stir because of her sweet and romantic gestures.

There was a lot of “on and off” moments where we’d be a “thing” and then ended it, which happened quite frequently (almost every other month in high school). It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when she moved to another school that I started to miss her. She then became something special to me, very special.

There have been situations where she’s tried to end her life, which she is not proud of. but I am proud of her and the growing up that has been taking place since those times. There was a time where I’ve mentioned before in another post, (if you’d like to read it)  that I’ve referred her as “Rose” for privacy purposes but now I am proud to say that she is the love of my life. I’ve held her in my arms before and waited for the ambulance as she just seized in my arms, I prayed everything would be okay and thankfully, I’ve been blessed that she’s still here today.

That first kiss – March 1st, 2015, when she ran away from home, I realized it. I’m so thankful that she was brought into my life as well as my best friend Tiffany; because without her, I would’ve never met Lily. But also because she’s the greatest to have in company, deep conversations and all.

From (to the best of my recollection) October 2015 until Decemeber 2016, Lily was living in Arizona, and then California. We barley spoke with the exception of a few times throughout the year.

Once she came back, it was hard to see her, but we eventually saw each other in person and I’m so glad that we did. It’s like we were never seperated, and things just started to grow from there. Facetime calls and deep midnight conversations, going out to eat as well as movie dates; It was just always (and still is) always perfect.

She moved into my parents house-with their permission of course- in the month of March of this year, right before her birthday. She was kicked out of the family home she was in and luckily, my parents were more than okay with her being there. She’s still living there with us and that’s where the moving out of state comes along.

I hope you enjoyed this post, like I promised there is a lot of content that I’ll be putting out these next few weeks/months. Feel free to comment below with your love stories whether they are similar or not.

Love always,







How I Met My One and Only

Updates: SURPRISE!!!

Hey readers! I am back, I am also sorry yet again because I haven’t been posting as frequent as I’ve wanted to. I’m just horrible, but tonight I’ll be writing some posts out for you guys and scheduling it, I promise, and this is a promise I’ll be keeping!!

Anyway, if you like surprises you’re going to want to stick around to the two things I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

But before I go into that I’d like to actually thank all of you. Every day I receive many comments on my post or on my website in general.. and I absolutely appreciate it all. Every single one of you that read my posts, or that have my posts sent to their emails, you guys really keep me going with my blog and postings.

A year ago today my blog wasn’t really anything, it was more of a diary/journal but these past few months I’ve been able to write things that a lot of you have seemed to enjoy and I absolutely love it.

I remember looking into having my own blog/website and a lot of people on youtube or other bloggers always suggest to know your niche before creating anything. It is crucial honestly, but I’m more of a risk it all or go home kind of girl and I’m thankful for that. Even when my blog was just a diary/journal a lot of you have stuck around since then and have seen me grown into what I am now, or should I say who I am now. It’s like a family.

Alright, enough of the sappiness, plus I’m sure you all want to know the surprises anyway.

So… are you ready?


You’ve read that right, I am officially engaged to my beautiful high school sweetheart, Lily. I couldn’t be any happier. Thankfully, my family and friends support it, support us. It’s been a wonderful seven years knowing this beautiful creature and being the greatest friends even through distance. Not many know our story but that is another posting…. if you’d like to read more into it, here is the full and true story.

I’ve been blessed, I truly have been. My life isn’t peaches and cream as I’m sure you would all agree about your own lives, but it’s comfortable and it’s still growing and getting better as each day goes on. I wouldn’t ask for anything better than those I’ve surrounded and crossed paths with, including all of you.

Now, I’d like to get into the second surprise I’ve got for you… I’m also moving!!!

Since I was 16 years old, I’ve always talked about moving out into my own place in New York City… but it’s never happened. I’ve been living with my parents and my brother, as well as his little family. We have tons of dogs and two cats living with us, yes I’m not kidding when I say its a bit packed in this house.

I love my family and I’ve always gotten sentimental about leaving them at any point of time, even if it were for just a weekend. (long distance of course)

But I think its time for a new beginning, the way that I look at it being the creative writer that I am, is a book always has to end but not completely. There are series out there and I feel as though this book has to come to an end as another one opens and gets written. Does that make any sense to you? I hope so.. i’ll be writing another future post (most likely next week) about the moving plans and all about saving for this to all happen.

Thank you again for all the support and continuing on reading my posts. I sincerely appreciate it all.

I’ll be posting a lot these next few weeks due to WordPress ability to schedule posts, thank you thank you thank you!!


I love you all





Updates: SURPRISE!!!

Facts About Brianna Anjelique

Hey readers!! So this post is all about yours truly; ME. With my birthday being just one week away, i’ve decided to create a little post giving you guys fifty facts about me.

I’d like to also give a little update or preview on what is to come… so the content that i’ll be doing for the next few days will be another blog post after my birthday based on my life in more depth about my hobbies and why i do the things i do. My daily lifestyle, i’ll tell you what i do in a days worth, maybe even post some videos and photos of my days through out the week.

I’ll also be introducing to my blog, all of my loved ones; my mom, my dad, my brother, my nephew, my furry son & daughter, my brothers and sisters (who happen to have a lot of fur) but enough about that, you’ll just have to follow me and my journey to know what else will be posted up! 🙂

So here it is, 50 random (in no kind of order) facts about me!!!

  1. I was born September 26, 1996 at 6:46pm
  2. I was born on a full moon
  3. I had a black cat while growing up
  4. my family said i used to say things would happen and sure enough they would within minutes of when i said it.
  5. i used to have imaginary friends but they always had wings (e.g fairies, angels, butterflies) WEIRD huh?
  6. i have an obsession over iphone cases
  7. i love collecting things
  8. i might be a bit of a hoarder (i am ashamed)
  9. i tend to bite my nails a lot
  10. my favorite colors used to be red and black
  11. In high school i was bullied
  12. i love animals
  13. writing is my passion since the 5th grade
  14. i dont read books but my favorite one that i did read for summer reading was November Blue (i dont remember the author) but short summary, i remember a young girl in high school who becomes pregnant and had to deal with all of that plus her asshole boyfriend who i believe was a jock? it’s such an uplifting story though.
  15. by my senior year i kicked bullies ass (not physically) and became a very well known person in school (for good reasons) basically, i had friends during my senior year.
  16. i do not miss high school
  17. im almost done with receiving my associates degree
  18. i’ve gone to Mexico with my mom for almost a week
  19. my mom is my #1 best friend
  20. i have WAY too many emails (literally like i’ve lost count)
  21. im always on my phone but not just on social media
  22. i have a secret about my relationship but i can’t tell you guys just yet
  23. i love photography
  24. im always trying to find ways to make money
  25. im always trying new things
  26. my brother was and always will be my hero
  27. i love dancing even though i no longer do it
  28. i love making stuffed peppers
  29. im daddy’s little girl and forever will be
  30. I tell people I hate surprises when I low key love them.
  31. i have two cats and three dogs (but i live with a lot more than just that)
  32. i love making internet friends
  33. i use dating apps even when in a relationship for friend purposes
  34. i seem to always be friends with an ex or an ex’s ex.. weird lol
  35. i love saving memories from past years (yes even from past lovers) i just love going back to the memories, its something great for me.
  36. i have more than one credit card
  37. i have a specific brand of paper that i use for my notebooks/binders.
  38. same thing goes for my pens. *its all about the feeling of it* (i think writers can understand this)
  39. i had a journal that i’d write everything in, literally everything, but then i just stopped writing in journals and just writing on my phone or random individual papers. (its kind of annoying since im trying to be organized now)
  40. ive never lied on my resume (and im trying NOT to)
  41. i love knowing what apps other people have on their iphones. Not because im nosy but because i like downloading more apps on my phone, if i can use it and it’s pretty neat, why not?
  42. at times i’ll have mental break downs because i just want my life to be together already…. (a new post will be dedicated to this topic soon)
  43. I cannot draw for my life
  44. i still love playing board games
  45. at times im still a bit insecure about myself (but not my body or my weight so dont assume that now)
  46. sometimes i really dont feel good enough (for my family or friends)
  47. I laugh at basically everything honestly
  48. I love my friends that I just met this year
  49. Showers at night wake me up instead of relaxing me for bed.
  50.  I can’t go a day without coffee (hot or cold)

Well there you have it!! Fifty weird and random facts about me! You’ve just gotten to know a little more about me, what do you think?

Comment below if we have anything in common based on these fifty facts. Or just comment below some facts about you, I’d love to get to know you too!
Love always,



Facts About Brianna Anjelique