Writers Block | Pride Month

Hey readers, Happy June 1st!!! I’ve been researching a lot about blogging. How to stay motivated and I realized I wasn’t going to the right websites. I’ve been subscribed to email lists to a lot of different bloggers and about two weeks ago I decided to reply back to an email I received about another … Continue reading Writers Block | Pride Month

New Beginnings | Law Of Attraction

A few months ago I was interested in tarot cards and readings. I found this woman who makes video on youtube, that are generalized card readings and I fell in love. Majority of what she says ends up being true.. now before you sit here and say “oh but she could just say something that … Continue reading New Beginnings | Law Of Attraction

National Clean Your Cabinets Day

One thing I find interesting is that every day is a national holiday according to society and Google. So today I randomly was interested in googling what national day it is today and although there are so many I wanted to specifically talk about national clean out your cabinet day. National clean out medicine cabinet … Continue reading National Clean Your Cabinets Day