About Me

I’m Brianna, a 21-year-old student majoring in Communications, Public Relations. I have a huge passion for blogging and the interwebs in general, and I also really love messing around within photography.

I am not naming this blog in any kind of  ‘niche’ but I guess you could say that it is a lifestyle blog. I’ll be sharing my own opinions on just about anything in this world, as well as giving advice on various topics or questions any of you may have. Blogging

Blogging really was just a diary kind of thing for me but has become something more than that, it’s become my life. I absolutely LOVE helping and sharing things that i learn from being on the interwebs, with everyone else. I also love interacting and making some new friends from all over.

I can spend days in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and many more shows, believe me.  I’m also a big advocate for taking self-care time and prioritizing mental health. Face masks + Netflix > burned out miserableness.

Have any questions? email: brianna.anjelique@yahoo.com

Credit to Jessicaslaughter.co on the about page loved the way she wrote it and can’t use it without giving credit where its due!


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