Writers Block | Pride Month

Hey readers,

Happy June 1st!!! I’ve been researching a lot about blogging. How to stay motivated and I realized I wasn’t going to the right websites.

I’ve been subscribed to email lists to a lot of different bloggers and about two weeks ago I decided to reply back to an email I received about another blogger who was stuck in writers block! She actually responded back and spoke to me about how I should obviously have realistic goals for myself and make it WORK around my schedule of a life.

We will always be busy. We will always get stuck where we all need a break sometimes and she really inspired me. She made me realize that it shouldn’t be forced. It should just come naturally. I shouldn’t be ashamed either, we all have to start somewhere and I mean what’s the rush on success? You can’t rush something like this, it takes time especially if we are doing more than one thing to get there.

I have some blog posts ready for this month. As most of you know I’ve gone on a mini vacation.. by myself for the very first time and it wasn’t as I expected but it did have the best moments as anything does.

June is also PRIDE MONTH, which it’s my favorite month (well second fav.. ok third!!) of the year.

I’m super excited for all the ideas I’ve got spiked up for this months blogging adventures.

I want to thank all of my new readers for joining and all of my lovely readers who’ve been here since day UNO! Y’all are amazing I swear.

How are YOU spending today?! Are you ready to kick some JUNE ASS?!

Xoxo ,


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