National Clean Your Cabinets Day

One thing I find interesting is that every day is a national holiday according to society and Google.

So today I randomly was interested in googling what national day it is today and although there are so many I wanted to specifically talk about national clean out your cabinet day.

National clean out medicine cabinet day is annually on the third Friday of April. The goal is to raise awareness and effectively get rid of unused and or expired prescription and over the counter medications in your cabinet.

As a loved one who supports recovering addicts and addicts around the world, this day actually means a lot to me. It is not the easiest thing to handle when your body is so used to something.

We are all addicts of some kind, coffee, soda, chocolate, sex, alcohol, adrenaline rush addiction and even social media can get addicting for some. You can pretty much be addicted to anything but of course the ones with the hard side affects to our bodies are the ones we all care about most, at least I do.

Today, I honor those that survive addiction.

Today, I honor those that fight the battles in recovering in any kind of addiction.

In society eyes, addiction isn’t really spoken about. When we see the homeless out on the streets many refrain from even looking at them, when really they are just humans. Most of them are put into situations that they have tried to get out of but instead, their luck in life is nonexistent. I personally know someone who has had the troubles of no luck in life and has turned to the “easy” way out of temporary pain relief. The way this person knows how to cope and handle their situations is to run to what they are most comfortable with and grew up around.

Just to bring up some numbers here…

• according to the national survey on drugs use and health, in 2017 there were 19.7 million American adults (aged 12 and older) that battled a substance use disorder.

Although I do not believe in 12-17 year olds to be categorized as “adults” , knowing that substance use as this, starts at the age of 12 in 2017 is just appalling to me.

• 1 out of every 8 adults struggled with BOTH alcohol and drug use disorders simultaneously… as well in 2017.

So now, what really causes addiction? Of course genetics is definitely one cause as well as ones environment. Ones environment, who they surround themselves with could cause 40% to 60% of a risk in addiction. This is where we can categorize pre-teens and young adults.

Environmental factors that may increase risk of addiction include;

⁃ abuse / chaotic home

⁃ Parents reaction / attitude towards drugs (even their own use)

⁃ Poor academic achievement

Another cause of addiction can of course be caused by mental health / mental disorders. People with mental disorders are actually at the highest risk than other populations for drug use and addiction.

Let’s get into some more numbers here based on the age groups within the year 2017 alone.

Approximately 4% of 12 to 17 year olds in America suffered from a substance use disorder.. that is about 992,000 teens. Also equivalent to 1 in 25 teens. About 443,000 teens in this age group have had an alcohol use disorder and lastly an estimate of 741,000 in this age group suffered from an illicit drug use disorder.

All in all, in honor of today’s national day, please do go through your medicine cabinets. You all have guests coming in and do not know where they are mentally. Of course it is illegal for the use of prescription drugs that are not under your name, but let’s be honest with an addiction or mental disorder… you may never know what will or could happen.

It is always a great thing to keep in the loop of such things like this. Although I am upset of topics like these and seeing the numbers, this is real life shit. If nobody talks about it, what change could possibly happen?

Thanks for reading. Happy Friday!




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