Kids Earn Money


Hey everyone, Happy Friday!

In honor of payday, I’ll be sharing some ways I know how to make some easy money while on your phone, tablet or laptop!

This post is about this one website I recently found out about. It is super simple and easy! I’ll be posting multiple posts today, oh yeaaaa. I’ve got my secrets haha.

Anyway, this website is called Kids Earn Money.

So what you do is simply sign up with THIS link, you’ll go through the process of filling your basic information and a username.. you’ll get a $7-25 start up bonus. You’ll then go and set up how you’d like to pay; PayPal or Cashapp.

You’ll then find your link in the referral tab. This tab also shows you who has signed up under you.

The way that this works is this. The company has been around for a while (not 100% sure since when) I do believe it’s been over 5 years but they used to pay $0.10 to those who refer but now its $10 for every friend that signs up!!! You also get $2 for whoever just CLICKS on your specific link. Be careful. Do not fake the clicks because they do review it and will ban your account if they see fake any thing.

You can also earn money by doing other tasks like downloading apps and $30 surveys. Once you hit your $150 mark you can cash out! If you’re in the US it should be paid out right away, if you’re out of the US it will take some time.

The information on how it works is on the website but I’ll insert my phone screen shots below this post.

You’re probably wondering why they’d give out free money. Super simple. TRAFFIC.

The more people that go on their website the more ad revenue, the more traffic equals more money. So they pay us to basically share their website!!! Isn’t that freaking great?!!

I’m not sure the age limit for this but I’m more than sure 15-17 year olds can use this. Easy way to make some money on your phone dontcha think?!

Happy money making!!! here’s the link to sign up with once more.



These are payment proof on their website from others who send in their screenshots. (You can do this too. Send it through their twitter in DMS and get $25 for it!)


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