My 2019 Resolutions

Hey lovelies!! This post is along with my previous post; before 2019 ends. 

This is going to be a post about me sharing with you all of my resolutions and goals for 2019! I’ll be explaining each one and why they are important to me.

Okay so….. here it goes:

Be More Organized 

This one right here is the CRUCIAL part of my life.

For those of you that do not know (due to the readers that aren’t my family & friends) I have a full-time job, yes BUT I work two part-time side hustles + many many online sites and apps to make extra cash. Who doesn’t like extra money… am I right?

My side hustles alone require me to be organized just because having a better understanding of what I’ve been doing, what I spend, what I earn so forth and so on will benefit me in the long run.

You can’t really run a business without knowing what you’re doing. Youre going to need to see what works and what does not work. are you reaching the audience that you want to reach and is what you’re doing actually helping your business grow and be successful or is it making you fail.

I want to be more organized not just to make my business and professional life easier but also itll help keep my mind at ease, since everything will be cleaned, neat and organized. YA FEEL?!

Work On Self Love

This falls into the same category as living a lifestyle where I have a self care routine every week or even every day i do something for myself.

Now, getting into this you’re all probably thinking that I do not love myself and THAT IS WRONG. I do love myself, i love so much about me but there are so many things that i dislike about myself. I dislike a lot of appearance features that can be changed, i dislike a lot of inside characteristcs that can be changed and just overall anything that i possibly can work on WILL be worked on.

Most people who want to work on self love usually work on themselves for reasons like “looking cute for other people” or because they need to look more professional for their career. Sometimes people do it for the sake of others is what im trying to say but honestly, i want to do this for ME.

I know that when I start going out to the gym more than once a week and start feeling better when taking long walks and climbing stairs.. it will make ME feel so much better about myself. Doing this not only will help me lose weight and feel better physically when doing everyday activities but it will also give me a better clear mindset, its just an overall GREAT feeling. If ya know, you know. I’ll be going to the gym for a distraction, for peace of mind, to love myself more and spend my time alone productively.

I won’t just go to the gym but I’m also going to travel on my own more.

In the summer I want to find places I’ve never been and if I have no one to go with then I’ll go alone! It’ll be a perfect blog post and perfect time for me to do some self love & be independent and show myself that when you put FEAR into motion you hold yourself BACK.

Try New Things

I am not the kind of female or woman that doesn’t like trying new things. I ALWAYS try new things, believe me. So now you’re probably wondering why this is in my resolutions then we’ll that’s because by this I mean, I want to try things I told myself I couldnt do it because I was alone.

    • I couldnt do it because I’m scared of anything. And yes this ties into self-love but you see I’m going to name somethings id like to try:


    — by this, I mean actually going on dates. Whether it may be a blind date or its an agreed date between me and them. I kind of want to do this more than once this new year.

Going out more

    — again this ties with self-love BUT I want to actually buy clothes for me to fill up my closet so that I have NO excuse and actually go out. To the bar, to the club, to Dave n busters on a Friday night. Maybe to even Atlantic City! Etc!!


    — you see, I try new things but it’s a RARE experience for me. Instead of going to the restaurant & bar my father has gone to since I was like 5 maybe younger, I’d like to go out and find my own restaurant or diner that I haven’t been to and go there for coffee and maybe do my work & blog posts there. I’d also like to go into the city (NYC) and try out different foods in all areas!


    — I’m always finding new blogs to read but I never find ONE specific blog or a few of them to consistently keep up with. I also don’t read books much so this year, id like to at least find 1-3 blogs that I consistently read and 2-5 books that I read a month and finish them completely!

I have many goals that I’d like to achieve this year but they don’t actually fit into any of these categories so I’ll just list them here

  • Get more involved with my community
  • Create friendships that are local ( I love my long-distance friendships but I’d like to make friends that I can create adventurous memories with)
  • Blog more — I keep saying every year for the past 2 1/2 years that I’d get serious about my blog but this year is it. I promise. My goal is to set up 2-5 blog posts a week maybe more. I don’t have a specific day or days I’d like to post yet but for now, this is what it is!
  • Be successful in my side business
  • Help others — whether that may be to give $100 or $1000 to someone.. whether it be helping with fundraising or helping someone get a job, giving someone make over, giving someone advice that changes their entire life! I want to be able to help those in need.
  • Get a new car— now this is important lol. I can’t stand my two-door car and well my car is breaking down on me next time it breaks down it’s literally time to get a new one sooooo it’s TIME.
  • Build up my credit — cause we all know this is IMPORTANT to adulthood !!

This is it for now at least!!! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and can find some new resolutions within this post. Thank you all so much for reading and supporting me. I really hope that for the next year you all have many blessings coming your way!!!




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