Before 2019…

Good Morning lovelies!

It’s currently the morning of NYE!!! I cannot believe that this day is finally here, its actually pretty insane. This year went insanely fast but also incredibly slow….. ya feel?

There’s always a routine for me before the new year, it’s actually pretty funny. I try to be this very organized person, I try to clean out all of my photos and videos. I try to clean up my insane Instagram feed (you know the people that post just memes all day and week or month and just never post selfies at all) and followers (since i do work part-time side hustles on IG), I try to clean up my FB friends, i clean up just practically everything.

ONE thing I HATE having to clean up…. my EMAILS!!!

I don’t understand why we have so many emails coming in!! I get emails for things that I unsubscribed to NUMEROUS times.

OK OK i guess it’s my fault for having so many emails… yes i have A TON. I even have alias emails through ALL of my icloud emails. There are emails from my past that i most likely have and dont even remember….. YIKES. I’ve got like 4 I accounts and never know which one to sign into for youtube… so these youtubers have 4 subscribers that IS the same person just different accounts LOL.

In my defense, I was the kind of teen and still am this person in a way, where I’d start a project / hobby, get all excited but then life would happen and i’d let laziness get the best of me. Laziness is the BIGGEST issue to kill out productivity and organization for me. Instead of coming home, getting comfy and either putting the clothes in the hamper i’d rather just throw it on a chair or something because its quicker. See the logic here? I know im not he only one, at least im admiting to my flaws huh!

This year, I have so many resolutions that I want to really fulfill and normally I don’t really take my New Years resolutions seriously. For some reason 2019 keeps speaking to me or I’m just crazy and over thinking about “signs.”

I am a FIRM believer that if you want something you personally have to go get it. If you continue to complain about something and dont do anything to change it, is there really a point in complaining? NO.

This year is going to be different for me and I’m speaking this into existence. Want to know everything i want to accomplish in 2019?

SO DO I !!


I haven’t fully thought about it yet but I’ll be posting it tonight. For those reading this before it’s been posted, stay tuned… it’ll come very soon!



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