50 Blog Post Ideas for 2019

Happy NEW YEAR!!! It is officially 2019 and I am so so so so excited!

I cannot wait to see where this year takes me. I also can’t wait to see where this blog goes in the next few months this year. I knwo many people that have wanted to start blogging and i figured i’d come up with blog posts and create a huge list of what you can create! It wont be in any specific order so sorry for those who have OCD, i love ya.

I hope this can help any of you that are ready to have your own blog this year. Blogging is so much fun and you better not forget that. If it is not fun for you than please don’t do it.

  1. Introduction (introduce yourself! who are you? what will you be sharing, why did you choose to start a blog)
  2. 25 reasons i love ______ (enter season)
  3. Social Media apps I love
  4. morning routine
  5. night routine
  6. a day in the life
  7. holiday challenges
  8. vlog for a day or week & post it ( write out your video in depth for those that don’t want to watch but just read )
  9. Tips & tricks on something you are good at
  10. DIY — Do It Yourself
  11. Get. PERSONAL
  12. share a funny story time
  13. share a creepy story
  14. write a fake story and have your readers guess its real or fake
  15. write a letter to your future self
  16. go to the news and pick a topic, talk about it
  17. if you’re political, talk politics
  18. if you believe in something so HARD talk about it, tell us why.
  19. share your fur babies with us
  20. create a post with JUST pictures
  21. be creative and write a hidden message in a post 😉
  22. start a fundraiser
  23. open up an Anonymous site for a Q&A post. your readers want you to help!!! this is a great way to help
  24. where do you see yourself in 5 years? explain it all!
  25. plan your wedding!!! (even if it’s for fake)
  26. celebrity crushes?
  27. top 10 YouTubers you admire
  28. play games on a post!
  29. create printables for your readers and make a post based on what you made
  30. learn a new skill and share it
  31. # of reasons why you enjoy the fall
  32. Review your favorite books
  33. review a product you’ve come to love this month
  34. try out a subscription box and let your readers know exactly what you felt about it.
  35. Make up a bunch of questions and answer them on a post let your readers get to know you!
  36. addicting games in the app store that you love
  37. ways you know how to make money online.
  38. you have any tattoos or piercings? show them & talk about it
  39. are you good at planning parties? set up a tutorial series !!
  40. Learn how to code and explain it to your readers
  41. A quote A day series ( find a quote of the day and write about it in your own words)
  42. find your passion if you havent already and talk all about it
  43. coming out story
  44. make a blog challenge for yourself (a week, a month etc…) like how they have vlogmas for youtubers!!! be creative
  45. do something you’ve never done before and tell your readers what you did, how you liked it so forth and so on
  46. make a list of your to do’s and how you’ve accomplished it at the end of the day.
  47. talk about how you manage your money.
  48. share tips and tricks to save money in a certain amount of time
  49. find other bloggers that want to collaborate with you and brainstorm ideas, maybe it can even turn out to be more than one post!
  50. smart ways to shop! share all your secrets

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