30 Day Writing Challenege : Five ways to win my heart

Hey readers, so its December and I am literally terrible at making schedules. I guess when my new planner comes in, it’ll make things SUPER easy. If you’re wondering what planner I’ve just recently purchased, I’ll be sharing it to my Instagram and twitter so be sure to follow me!!! #SelfPromo

Assuming that you all have read my last post, if not you can check it out now then come back, or not it’s totally up to you. Anyway, my blog has changed, not completely or appearance wise but my content is going to be consistent and I’m going to prove that by starting TODAY.

A lot of new bloggers tend to look at other bloggers and see what they do with their content and their blog when they SHOULDN’T. Why? Because well, you are your own person, am I right or am I right? No new blogger should look into other bloggers as a “inspiration” in the sense of BEING THAT PERSON, no. If you’re creating your own blog, please and I mean this in the nicest way, be your damn self. Stop trying to be other people and make content for other people. Like yes ok, you’re making content for your audience but really what audience do you have when you first start? A lot of new bloggers, like me, do this and they stop posting constantly or stop writing, have writers block, etc… because they try to do things for their “audience”. News flash, you’re a NEW BLOGGER, write the content that you want to write. Share your reviews, opinions, your life (not all of it of course), just be YOU. Ok? Thanks. #RantOver

Today’s blog post isn’t advice for new bloggers, unfortunately, sorry if thats what you thought it was lol. (yes, I wrote lol on a blog post) I wanted to make this post the first day of December but again, didn’t go as planned. Seven days later and I’m going to finally do it!!!

30 Day Writing Challenge

Like I said, I know I’ve missed a couple of days already. But you know what I can make this work. Just like how I’ve missed a couple days of VLOGMAS, I’m going to start TODAY on my VLOGMAS journey. #JudgeMe #IDC  #ImAnnoying

So, here’s the deal, the first writing day challenge is super easy and super short so I’m going to place it here with this one. I’d LA-LA-LOVE if you would comment below answering the question/challenge yourself or making your own blog post about it and sending it my way!! (link me to it/tag me whatever its called).

I also, want to thank you all for being super supportive. Like I swear I love every single one of you guys who read my posts, I don’t know you on a personal level but you know me in some weird way lol.


Writing Challenge Day ONE:

Five Ways To Win Your Heart

  1. Being able to bring you home to my family & they all love your personality, especially my nephew.
  2. If you can cook me up a meal or three? Oh my, oh my, I love waking up to some food (even from my naps)
  3. Giving me your love, attention and affection about like 80% of the time you’re around me… I don’t think that’s asking for much….. am I?
  4. Buy me some chocolate and coffee. Can’t live without my coffee.
  5. Don’t be a pushover. I mean sure, let me get away with certain things… but sometimes us women need someone to put their foot down and tell us who the f*** is the boss. (which is literally only sometimes you and always me soooooo #getyourfactsstraightbabe)

LOL, so thats my first writing challenge, I didn’t even really think about this too much honestly. Just let my brain do the minor thinking and the fingers did the typing. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing writing day challenge #2 which has a lot to do with strong feelings.. wonder what it could be.

I’m also wondering what are your five ways that someone could win your heart. (note: this does not have to be about love it can be about friends and all.) Comment below with your five (or more its cool) or create your own blog post, spice it up, make it YOU and tag / link me to it, I’d really love to see what you all have up in your brains.

See you guys next time.



30 Day Writing Challenege : Five ways to win my heart

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