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Today’s post is dedicated to all of those children out there who feel like they don’t belong. You aren’t alone. 



Hey readers… something has come to my mind this week and I thought about sharing the true meaning of life for me; my family. Now a lot of you may take this specific word “family” as those who I share blood with and yes, it does but it doesn’t end there.


Let’s take it back to when I was just a little girl. Of course, I don’t remember exactly how it happened but when I was just 3 years old my parents were attending this party. There were kids there my age and probably older as well but I got along with everyone as a child, I mean who doesn’t? At this party, I met my best friend, Nicole, for the very first time.



That party was the first time I saw her and my parents nor her parents thought we’d ever see each other again. When it was time for my first day of school, where she was, Nicole was in the same school as me and I believe the same class. We were friends up until I moved schools in the middle of third grade. Ironically, every year on Halloween a city near me throws a little Halloween parade, every year I’d go because of the dance school I was in would participate in it. Every year that I was in it I saw Nicole with her siblings and her mother in the exact SAME spot… literally every year.


My mom would get their house phone number but would never really keep it in the same place or just forgot about it, so we never kept in touch, way to go, mom. When it came down to the first day of high school, I saw her again. We spent every single day in the same classes (not all but some) and it wasn’t until I believe sophomore year or maybe junior year that we started to call each other best friends. She moved in with us in junior year because there were some situations, and she than became my sister. My parents practically adopted her before she moved in any way, we were inseparable. She moved out about a year ago maybe longer, not too sure on time (since time goes super quick in the adulthood lifestyle).


We’ve had our shared fights, as any and every sister would but, no matter what happens or has happened she is still my sister.


She is my family.


My mom’s best friend? I can actually go on about this woman right here, believe me but I’m not going to because well, that’s just a whole post right there. All you need to know is that this woman is the strongest woman I’ve ever gotten to meet; she is my hero. I literally call her my aunt to others but when I talk to her directly I call her mom. She’s done so much for me; she’s been there for me multiple times especially in middle school. She’s opened her arms to me and treated me as if I am one of her own and I couldn’t ask for anything else because she does it all.


She is my family.



My best friends Jennifer & Vanessa, these two have been there for me since middle school. I met Vanessa in third grade, she heard that I spoke Portuguese and just wanted to be my friend since she’s half Portuguese and Brazilian. She’s always been there for me, in everything. Jennifer transferred schools in the 6th grade and that’s how we met. Jennifer and I were actually really close, despite the little fights that were SUPER childish that I’d always cause, she always has been my #1 support system. These two have grown to be such amazing and inspiring women, get you two best friends like these, I’m telling you. I am so thankful for them and so glad that I still have them by my side. Although we don’t talk every day or see each other every day, Jenn goes to the school which is literally right behind my house and Vanessa lives just 10 minutes away from me. I know that I can always count on these girls and can always call them my sisters from another mister.


They are my family.


My fiancé introduced me to her some of her family members when we first made things official back in March of this year. They are NOT my blood but I’ve never felt so comfortable around a family (besides my own) like I do with them. They’ve shared personal stories with me, they’ve shared their goals and dreams, they showed me pictures and basically the entire family tree? Yeah, I know the gist of things, even if it took me a while to understand it all, I’ve got it down packed now.

Her little cousin is like my little boyfriend; he even calls me his. It’s just so adorable.


They are my family.



So now you might be wondering why I shared all of these things with you. Well, that’s simply because I’d like to share with you all that family isn’t just blood. For example, the TV show, The Fosters Written by Peter Paige and produced by Jennifer Lopez. If you haven’t watched it, it’s about two women, Stef and Lena, who are in love with one another. Stef, who is a police officer has her biological son, Brandon, from her previous marriage. Stef and Lena both foster twins, Mariana and Jesus, who were put into the system due to their birth mother not being able to take care of them. They eventually adopt the twins as their own and raise them together as a whole family. They made sure that the twins wouldn’t feel left out or out of place because blood does not determine family.


Of course, there is more to the story, but if you haven’t seen it go onto Netflix and watch seasons 1-5, the rest I believe is still playing on TV, just not on Netflix quite yet.


I bring up this show because I absolutely love the message it sends. It shows all of what a child in the system might go through, it shows the love and positive sides of how a foster home should look like for children of ANY age. It shows that family isn’t just those who share the same blood as you. A family is those who support you, love you unconditionally and treat you equally as the others in the family. They don’t treat you so poorly and just kick you to the curb, so to speak.



Well, that’s all I have to say. I’d like to come back to this topic again someday but I’d also like to hear from all of you.


What does family mean to you? Do you have the same opinions as me? Who qualifies as family for you and what doesn’t?




Thank you all for supporting me, for reading my posts. I appreciate all of you. More content to come.





Family | Familia

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