How I Met My One and Only

As cliche as this story may sound, it is 100% true and I’m excited to share with you all of it. All of my happiness.

It happened six years ago, seven school years ago (here in Jersey school starts in September and ends June the following year). The way we met is actually through an ex-girlfriend of mine, Tiff, who happens to be one of my best friends now. It was one of those high school, not so real, relationships if you catch my drift.

Also, I’d like to mention that at this moment in my life I wasn’t really sure if I liked girls the way that a lesbian would, so there was a lot of breaking up and getting back together as high school couples often do.

Tiff and Lily (my fiance) were the best of friends since middle school, even if Lily was such a huge ball of “aggy” (annoying) towards almost everyone that she was friends with. No, I’m not being rude guys, just being honest for you. This all plays into both how and why we became something more than I ever thought we could be.

When things harshly and childishly ended between Tiff and I, Lily was the “messenger” in the whole ending process. By that I mean, Tiff would give Lily sentimental objects to send to me, and I would return the favor; that is what brought Lily and I closer together. She would walk me to my classes and her hugs were just TO DIE FOR. We got close after things ended between Tiff and me due to the fact that when we were dating, she wanted me to  “stay away” from Lily. I think anyone can agree that in their teenage years when someone says “don’t” you end up doing it 85% of the time.

So, here’s the part where I fall in love, but didn’t realize it. I literally didn’t know that I was falling in love because as I mentioned before, I wasn’t sure how I felt about women. I also didn’t think much of it because she was really just a friend that I could go to for just about anything. She was truly a funny and energetic human being, whose personality was so high spirited that I just never thought of it as being anymore than friends.

Until she shared her feelings for me in my junior year of high school when we had piano class together. She wrote a love letter to me through email and then had it hand written and gave it to me; causing those feelings to stir because of her sweet and romantic gestures.

There was a lot of “on and off” moments where we’d be a “thing” and then ended it, which happened quite frequently (almost every other month in high school). It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when she moved to another school that I started to miss her. She then became something special to me, very special.

There have been situations where she’s tried to end her life, which she is not proud of. but I am proud of her and the growing up that has been taking place since those times. There was a time where I’ve mentioned before in another post, (if you’d like to read it)  that I’ve referred her as “Rose” for privacy purposes but now I am proud to say that she is the love of my life. I’ve held her in my arms before and waited for the ambulance as she just seized in my arms, I prayed everything would be okay and thankfully, I’ve been blessed that she’s still here today.

That first kiss – March 1st, 2015, when she ran away from home, I realized it. I’m so thankful that she was brought into my life as well as my best friend Tiffany; because without her, I would’ve never met Lily. But also because she’s the greatest to have in company, deep conversations and all.

From (to the best of my recollection) October 2015 until Decemeber 2016, Lily was living in Arizona, and then California. We barley spoke with the exception of a few times throughout the year.

Once she came back, it was hard to see her, but we eventually saw each other in person and I’m so glad that we did. It’s like we were never seperated, and things just started to grow from there. Facetime calls and deep midnight conversations, going out to eat as well as movie dates; It was just always (and still is) always perfect.

She moved into my parents house-with their permission of course- in the month of March of this year, right before her birthday. She was kicked out of the family home she was in and luckily, my parents were more than okay with her being there. She’s still living there with us and that’s where the moving out of state comes along.

I hope you enjoyed this post, like I promised there is a lot of content that I’ll be putting out these next few weeks/months. Feel free to comment below with your love stories whether they are similar or not.

Love always,







How I Met My One and Only

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