Facts About Brianna Anjelique

Hey readers!! So this post is all about yours truly; ME. With my birthday being just one week away, i’ve decided to create a little post giving you guys fifty facts about me.

I’d like to also give a little update or preview on what is to come… so the content that i’ll be doing for the next few days will be another blog post after my birthday based on my life in more depth about my hobbies and why i do the things i do. My daily lifestyle, i’ll tell you what i do in a days worth, maybe even post some videos and photos of my days through out the week.

I’ll also be introducing to my blog, all of my loved ones; my mom, my dad, my brother, my nephew, my furry son & daughter, my brothers and sisters (who happen to have a lot of fur) but enough about that, you’ll just have to follow me and my journey to know what else will be posted up! 🙂

So here it is, 50 random (in no kind of order) facts about me!!!

  1. I was born September 26, 1996 at 6:46pm
  2. I was born on a full moon
  3. I had a black cat while growing up
  4. my family said i used to say things would happen and sure enough they would within minutes of when i said it.
  5. i used to have imaginary friends but they always had wings (e.g fairies, angels, butterflies) WEIRD huh?
  6. i have an obsession over iphone cases
  7. i love collecting things
  8. i might be a bit of a hoarder (i am ashamed)
  9. i tend to bite my nails a lot
  10. my favorite colors used to be red and black
  11. In high school i was bullied
  12. i love animals
  13. writing is my passion since the 5th grade
  14. i dont read books but my favorite one that i did read for summer reading was November Blue (i dont remember the author) but short summary, i remember a young girl in high school who becomes pregnant and had to deal with all of that plus her asshole boyfriend who i believe was a jock? it’s such an uplifting story though.
  15. by my senior year i kicked bullies ass (not physically) and became a very well known person in school (for good reasons) basically, i had friends during my senior year.
  16. i do not miss high school
  17. im almost done with receiving my associates degree
  18. i’ve gone to Mexico with my mom for almost a week
  19. my mom is my #1 best friend
  20. i have WAY too many emails (literally like i’ve lost count)
  21. im always on my phone but not just on social media
  22. i have a secret about my relationship but i can’t tell you guys just yet
  23. i love photography
  24. im always trying to find ways to make money
  25. im always trying new things
  26. my brother was and always will be my hero
  27. i love dancing even though i no longer do it
  28. i love making stuffed peppers
  29. im daddy’s little girl and forever will be
  30. I tell people I hate surprises when I low key love them.
  31. i have two cats and three dogs (but i live with a lot more than just that)
  32. i love making internet friends
  33. i use dating apps even when in a relationship for friend purposes
  34. i seem to always be friends with an ex or an ex’s ex.. weird lol
  35. i love saving memories from past years (yes even from past lovers) i just love going back to the memories, its something great for me.
  36. i have more than one credit card
  37. i have a specific brand of paper that i use for my notebooks/binders.
  38. same thing goes for my pens. *its all about the feeling of it* (i think writers can understand this)
  39. i had a journal that i’d write everything in, literally everything, but then i just stopped writing in journals and just writing on my phone or random individual papers. (its kind of annoying since im trying to be organized now)
  40. ive never lied on my resume (and im trying NOT to)
  41. i love knowing what apps other people have on their iphones. Not because im nosy but because i like downloading more apps on my phone, if i can use it and it’s pretty neat, why not?
  42. at times i’ll have mental break downs because i just want my life to be together already…. (a new post will be dedicated to this topic soon)
  43. I cannot draw for my life
  44. i still love playing board games
  45. at times im still a bit insecure about myself (but not my body or my weight so dont assume that now)
  46. sometimes i really dont feel good enough (for my family or friends)
  47. I laugh at basically everything honestly
  48. I love my friends that I just met this year
  49. Showers at night wake me up instead of relaxing me for bed.
  50.  I can’t go a day without coffee (hot or cold)

Well there you have it!! Fifty weird and random facts about me! You’ve just gotten to know a little more about me, what do you think?

Comment below if we have anything in common based on these fifty facts. Or just comment below some facts about you, I’d love to get to know you too!
Love always,



Facts About Brianna Anjelique

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