My New Fav Song On Soundcloud!!! | New Artists New Sounds

Hey readers, some exciting news today.

One of my greatest and first friends in high school I might add, has released a new song she’s recorded. She goes by the name Peachez Romeo. She is twenty-one years old residing in New Jersey, ohhhhhh yeah ;).

Ever since she’s graduated from EPS, She’s been taking her career to a whole other level, and I literally can’t express how proud to see the change in her happiness as the years have gone by.

It is such a hard career to get into but she has a voice of an angel, beauty like a goddess and the way she handles herself in every aspect is SUPER professional, which will get her extremely far.  The support she receives as well as her creativity, intelligence, style and of course her angelic voice is out standing, which will make her go far.

Eight days ago, PeachezRomeo was able to post on her sound cloud page a new song called F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. It was written by one of her loved ones MRose as well as the song was helped put together by Romeo’s partner, whose artist name is, Rick M.U.L.I, you guys should check his stuff out too. Two love birds in one music industry, such a beautiful love story, huh? Stay tuned to my blog, you’ll be hearing more about these two love birds and their individual lifestyles.

I think you guys should really go listen to her music and follow her on her social media accounts.

She takes her family, loved ones and her career as serious as possible as well as with passion. She looks super happy doing the things she’s been doing this past year or so. From singing in front of a couple of friends, to a couple of strangers and now in a studio putting up some content for the whole world to hear her beautiful talent.

I’d like to also acknowledge one of her supporters as she calls her ‘big sis’ , who is also beautiful and very talented. You may have heard of her music before through social media, you may have heard of her name before point-blank period. If you haven’t you will soon enough because she will be in the new series of a show called signed! It plays every Wednesday night 9/8 c on VH1 called Signed. Be sure to tune in because i swear y’all want to see talent? These two women have GOT it.

Congrats to MRose for her appearance on VH1 new series.

Congrats to Peachez Romeo for getting her songs out there!

You’re doing bigger and better things. I am super proud of you and how far you’ve come.

Readers, go show her some love… her link to her new song, F.A.N.T.A.S.Y is right HERE. Just click that and you’ll be directed to her Sound cloud page. If you’d like to find her without the link her name is IAMPEACHEZROMEO , she has a few more songs recorded up there for you as well.

A little insight information, She will be putting out some more songs. So if you love what you hear, stay tuned to her sound cloud, follow her there and on her social media. I am also setting up a time and place to meet up with this talented human being, to ask her some questions based on her life changes and her career goals.

If you’d like to keep up with her music, contact her for business purposes as well, here is where you can reach her:



Snapchat: PeachezRomeo


If you’d like to see my questions and her responses please do sign up for my email updates which can be found on the bottom of my blog home page. You can also sign up to receive my updates by simply creating a WordPress account and following me that way. Thank you guys so much and don’t forget to check out her song!!


Love always,




My New Fav Song On Soundcloud!!! | New Artists New Sounds

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