My Bucket-List (Part One)

Hi readers, So I haven’t posted in a couple of days but here is a mini little post for you. I guess you can call this a little teaser post because I’m only posting about 26 things on my bucket list tonight because I just thought you guys deserved something posted and because my bucket list seems to change or grow. So here it is, in no order what so ever or in any category, my top 30 bucket-list.

  1. Go to Portugal to see my family
  2. Go to Paris
  3. have a New Years kiss under the fireworks
  4. spend Christmas in New York
  5. go to Hawaii
  6. have the biggest wedding before I’m 26
  7. have twins possibly before I’m 25/26
  8. write an e-book and get it published
  9. write a book and get it published
  10. go to Puerto Rico
  11. start my own charity
  12. Foster children and open up my own foster home
  13. swim with dolphins
  14. meet Miley Cyrus
  15. Meet domo & crissy
  16. Start my own online business
  17. open up my own daycare
  18. have 1000 followers on here before the new year
  19. go on a cruise
  20. go to Canada
  21. go to the UK
  22. have a long distance friendship that lasts 5 years and more
  23. be able to buy my parents a home by the time I’m 30
  24. visit 10 states before I’m 27 years old
  25. start a youtube channel again and stick with it
  26. lose 40-60 lbs before summer 2018



thanks to all of my supporters, followers, friends, and all. Love you guys, I’ll be posting more content this week it’s just been very hard to work on multiple projects but I PROMISE you I am working on things for you, just stay tuned!





My Bucket-List (Part One)

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