Happy Friday!!!! | 10 Photos of My Day 

Hey readers!!! So it’s finally Friday, super excited hah. I’m also excited that I’ve finally came up with a schedule of my posting schedule: every Wednesday and Friday you will be getting a new post. 
So today, I’m really not sure what’s going to happen but I’m going to take 10 photos of my day that I’d like to share with you, and I’m going to explain exactly what is going on within that moment and that photo. 
I think this should be pretty exciting!! 

          Photo one :

First I have to have my coffee every single morning. No matter where I’m going, what I’m doing, what time it is, I need my coffee in order to function and that is what I’m doing here. 
This is actually my second cup of coffee, while editing and proof reading some of my future blog posts. 

Photo two: 

So sometimes I get carried away and watch my YouTube videos, especially ones that have to do with iPhone case collections or what’s on my iPhone tag. Why? Because I like to be nosy, look at the other apps people have that may be interesting for me. I’ve actually downloaded a handful of games and lifestyle apps that I use for social media management thanks to YouTube!
Photo three: 

I’ve been really obsessed with astrology and horoscopes this week, not sure why but today I decided to look into blogs that share some info or opinions on the subject. It’s pretty interesting. What’s your sign? Comment below. 
Photo four: 

So my baby, always follows me whether im in my room or in Lily’s room. He’s always opening the door by himself and finding his way either to cuddle or to bother me to pet him, love him though. 

Photo five: 

So this is obviously not a photo I’ve taken but I kinda don’t have the time to really take the photo and I’m pretty busy at the moment multi tasking. But I’m on my laptop and my phone through out the day finding any kind of material or new information that I can use to make money, or to share with you guys. It sounds kind of bad, at least the first part.. but I’ll be explaining what I do online to make my money on my next weeks post. So stay tuned! 

Photo six: 

I visited my best friend in the hospital, she was admitted a day ago and I just hate seeing her so upset. I hope she feels better and gets home soon. 
Photo seven: 

These weren’t taken today BUT I did make this photo collage today. I like to sit on my phone, go through my photos and put together some memories. I either share it , keep it for wallpaper on my phone or I just create cute things to be posted up later on in the week. 

Photo eight: 

Through ought my days I go through Pinterest and find some cute wallpapers and or just quotes and save them to my phone. Why? Because I just love quotes and being able to use it on captions or just saving it for something like a blog post, wink wink, it just comes in handy. Plus they are cute! 
Photo nine: 

Today I’ve played this game for about two hours straight, very productive i know right. Anyway, it’s addicting, this post is not sponsored at all lol. Loooove this game honestly.
Lastly, photo TEN: 

Last but not least. 
I spend my time with my baby girl!!! Today she has work from 6pm till close to midnight. Although I’ll be seeing her later on when she gets back from work(since I am her ride home) I still like to get as much time as I can to be with her before she goes into work. But let me tell you the time I get while she’s at work? I can actually get work done!! Haha. 
Thanks so much for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed today’s and wednesdays post. If you’d like to see something on my page leave a comment below or message me on my social media! Love y’all.!! 



Happy Friday!!!! | 10 Photos of My Day 

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