Whats On My iPhone 7+ | YouTube Inspired

Hey guys! I’m back with another post.

So in honor of my every day binge watching YouTube videos, I’ve decided to share with you guys what is on my iPhone. Now I know that this is usually a video for YouTube but I thought I’d just go ahead and make it a blog post kind of thing. I’ve done it before with my iPhone 6+ on YouTube but ended up deleting it, like every other video I post on YouTube.

I will in the future make videos for YouTube it’s just hard for me because I’m a lazy person to get in front of a camera unless it’s for selfies. But anyway, let’s just get on with it!

So I have the iPhone 7+ in rose gold. I originally wanted the matte black BUT, I always get silver or like basic colors for the iPhones so I decided to just get the rose gold instead. I don’t remember how many GB’s it is but it’s enough for me since I also purchase I cloud storage a month.

this right here is what my lock screen looks like:

Lily, my girlfriend, helped me pick out my wallpapers actually and I just think they are SUPER ADORABLE. If you’d like to have any of my wallpapers I will be posting it on my twitter so be sure to follow me!

When you unlock my phone, you’ll see this first page:

So starting from the top left hand corner, you’ll see that I have a box that is called iPhone. I don’t really like having many apps out especially ones I don’t like need to physically click on because of shortcuts or because I can just ask Siri to open it for me. So in that box I have:

My basic iPhone apps. I won’t go through it all as if it were a video because I mean you can see the photo haha. But anyway the ones I use almost every day in this box are:

  1. Calendar
  2. Phone
  3. FaceTime
  4. App Store
  5. Safari
  6. Mail

As you can see I have a TON of messages I haven’t looked but look, I have like 6 emails which most of all of them have like 3 alias emails(if you know what that means) so it’s a lot. Most of the emails are JUNK mail or coupons that I’ve got to go through. I do have a second page of this box but it’s really not that important so I won’t share.

Next on my first page, I’ve got all these apps here because these are the things I use most. So I’m always in my photo album because I usually screen shot my schedule for work and I take photos constantly, or even save some from social media and just all of that good stuff.

I use my notes quite often. I also HATE deleting my notes even if it’s not an important one. I’m not sure why but I love being able to go back months from the day I wrote things and see what was on my mind or what exactly I was doing. I use to use my notes for poems and short stories I’d write but I’ve kind of stopped and use it more for captions and quotes.

I usually use my notes for blog posts, especially now that they updated it to where we can change the font size and doodle on it and even add photos while we are typing things. Sometimes when I’m on safari I’ll even save things onto my notes like links or photos of dresses and just neat things. I don’t check my bookmarks unless it’s on my homepage or my reading list so the notes helps when it comes down to saving lists of websites!

I also categorize my notes into sections or I guess folders. I won’t show you my notes due to some privacy but I can show you how many I have and my sections:

So you can see I have a total of 46 notes, I’m actually using it now to do the layout of this blog post. I know in the section it says 0 but I haven’t gone through it and made the switch for organization. A little procrastination, yikes.

Next to my notes I have my GPS system, waze. I love waze only because it takes me away from traffic, notifies me when there are potholes and when there’s the police around. The app also allows me to share my drive with my friends and family who use waze as well so they know where I’m going. I think uber and lyft drivers actually use this app as well which I think is pretty freaking awesome. (The app and the drivers)

Next to that I have my weather channel app which I use only because the one that comes with the iPhone is usually wrong. Now I know weather forecast can sometimes be wrong but this app is almost always right. I receive notifications when it’s about to rain wherever I am and usually hits it on the spot with the exact time. Then I have my daily horoscope app which I don’t look at EVERY day but I do like to look at it at night usually after the day is over. It sometimes gives me a good way to look back into my day and see if what it said actually had any sense to it.

Here’s what my horoscope says today:

I like to look at other friends and family members horoscope as well. If you’d like to see your horoscope follow me on twitter because I try to tweet horoscopes daily for everyone to see it!

The next two apps are self explanatory honestly, it’s my event tracker and my bank app. I have two events counting down which is my 21st birthday (in 69 days) and my girlfriends 21st birthday.

Moving onto my second page. This page is kind of organized. I’ve got Facebook, YouTube and then the games I like to play. I’ve got Best fiends, where you have to beat the sloths within a certain amount of tries I guess you can say. I’ve got tap to riches where you just tap on houses and buy properties and become rich, my girlfriend thinks it’s really stupid but it’s a great toilet game. Then I’ve got snake game which I’ve just become really addictive over and the scale game. I also have choices and episodes which gives you a story line and you choose which path to go. It has a lot of different story lines so I kind of like that. And lastly I have farm story which I don’t play too often honestly.

Next I have mercari which is where I sell my cases and other things to get rid of them from my room. Honestly, this is probably the best app where I’ve made money but now it has a selling fee so I kind of don’t like it as much. But they do protect you from fraud buyers and sellers which is great, if you’d like to sign up use my code so you can receive a $2 credit:  TFHMDY .

The next app is wish which is where I usually buy my cases from. The cases are cute and really cheap, I can buy some cases for just $3 shipping. Other cases would be like $4 with $2 shipping so it’s not bad at all. If you know me I’m a case-holic , yes that’s a thing.

Next I have my app that tells me my job schedule and other stuff within the company. Then I have my credit card apps, my PayPal for when I send money over to friends or when I do some photo shoots and they need to pay me. Then I have another app for my second job that tells me how much I’ll be getting paid before I receive my direct deposit.

Then I have amazon and eBay which is where I go to really see how much cases go for. So I have a good idea how much I’ve bought the cases and set a fair price to those who want to buy it. Then I have the movie theatre app and next to it is my fav app ever.

FeaturePoints, if you haven’t heard of it already, is an app where you can earn points by downloading apps on your phone. You can convert those points into gift cards which I find super great. I’ve been using featurepoints since I had my iPhone 5C and I’ve gained 3 gift cards for amazon and 3 gift cards for PayPal. It comes in handy especially for me. I’m using it now to save for emergency / apartment money.

The last row I have, letgo which is another app that you can sell things on. This one and offer up is amongst people that live near you. So what happens is, if someone is interested you’ll meet up with them after negotiating on the app, you’ll set a point where to meet and they’ll pay you for the item in cash. Receipt hog is another app that I use to earn coins to convert it into gift cards. What you do is just take photos of your receipts that aren’t two weeks old, and meet the requirements. They also have other ways to receive coins like a slot machine.

Lastly, on this page I have a box called lifestyle.

I keep my period tracker, Uber and some social media management in here. Nothing too crazy.

So to wrap up this tag, I’ve got just my last apps on the bottom which are legit the main ones I use EVERY DAY.

We’ve got my messages, a box named Life, Dropbox and music. So messages is where I do all my texting, Dropbox I keep mostly files in there, like contracts or school loan information. When school comes around I also take photos of my textbooks and notes and put it right into the app so it’s all in one place.

In the life box I legit have my LIFE in there lol. So there’s two pages in it, the first page:

I have Snapchat, weheartit, Instagram, Pinterest, design home, twitter, tumblr, VSCO and ever album. I use Snapchat very often and weheartit is where I receive my wallpapers all the time. I get compliments and everything for them, all thanks to we💖it, haha. Instagram is literally where I keep up with my friends and meet other strangers from around the world. I don’t have a theme on my feed but that’s ok. I also have like four different accounts due to many hobbies and a relationship lol.

I go on Pinterest to make some boards, and also for my writers block honestly. I find a lot of bloggers through Pinterest which is pretty great. Design home is a game where you follow a certain requirement for each home you design, you receive points and all these things which I find super helpful since I plan to be moving soon.

I have twitter which I’ve stopped going on but I’m trying to get back on it. I love interacting within polls and sharing photos on twitter. I don’t tweet much but retweeting queen at your service.

I just re-created a Tumblr because I’ve lost my login for the other one due to no longer having access to a certain email. Then I have VSCO where I like to edit some photos and everalbum where I keep storage of my photos there.

On the second page of this box:

I’ve got a blog that I’ve really been into reading, mostly Morgan, she’s literally amazing. Then I have Wunderlist which I use for groceries and just my weekly or monthly to do lists. I’ve got the knot app, then this lucky cactus app which my friends use and have given them some luck, so they say.

Click HERE to see the case that I have now :)!

Then I have my canon app, capture for YouTube videos, studio for YouTube to check analytics and stuff, and two apps for Facetune which I use to blur certain parts of my photos and give other areas whitening. Even though I don’t really edit my photos, it always comes in handy for the photo shoots and stuff that I do with my phone or my canon camera.

That is ALL of my apps on my phone. Geez that was a lot haha. Didn’t think this would take much long but I guess typing it all up is a lot more work!

So if you’d like to follow me on my social media here it is:

Twitter: @ anjeliquexo

Snapchat: brianjelique

Pinterest: brianjelique

Weheartit: briannaanjelique

So there you have it! Go follow my social media and let me know your favorite apps either down below or screen shot your fav apps and tweet them to me! Love you guys thanks so much for reading, happy Wednesday.

See you next time!


Whats On My iPhone 7+ | YouTube Inspired

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