101 Blog Post Ideas


Hey readers!!

So, I know I know… for those that have been keeping up with my blog I’ve been doing a terrible job at being consistent and you know what EVERY single blog post I create I think I’ve mentioned my mistake — yikes. For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog, you will see a lot of chances in the next few weeks going on with the blog. By that I mean, appearance wise, direction, blog posts will be different, media, just basically everything.

I’ve been more involved with the blogging world the past couple of days and I’ve learned so much through other bloggers. So hopefully the direction that this blog will be taken, will provide the assistance and entertainment that you, personally, are looking for. Anyway, let’s just move on from the past shall we? I’ve got some create content coming for you lovely ladies and gentlemen. I can’t, and won’t, promise that I’ll be posting consistently but I can say that I’m going to really, really try my best to.

And with that being said I’d like to share 101 different blog topics for those of you who would like to create your own blog but are having some writers block. I hope this list gives you some great ideas or brings you some ideas of your own, kind of like a inspiration. If you come up with any other blog post ideas and would like to share, comment them down below in the commentary box, lets just help each other out!


  1. Review of a class
  2. The way you set up your planner (notes or anything else)
  3. How to pack for a trip
  4. How to live with people (girlfriend’s boyfriends, friends, step parents etc.)
  5. How to stay in touch with friends from out of your state or country
  6. What’s in your bag
  7. How to get through a break up
  8. How to search for a job
  9. Work out routines
  10. How to save money in college
  11. A get ready with me routine
  12. Review a book / story read
  13. Review a movie
  14. Review an event
  15. Favorite bloggers
  16. Favorite YouTubers
  17. Things you regret not doing in college
  18. Clothes haul
  19. Why you started blogging
  20. Top website you’ve visited this week
  21. Interview someone (mom dad, cousin, fiancé, friend)
  22. Make up a quiz about something the readers can do
  23. Apps and websites you love
  24. Lists of things (like this one )
  25. Share ten pictures in your phone and tell the story behind it.
  26. Things every 20-year-old should know how to do.
  27. Shows you’ve re-watched completely
  28. Working in retail experiences
  29. Share some Halloween costume DIY’S or any holiday DIY’S
  30. Share a recipe and show how you did it .
  31. Favorite late night snack recipe
  32. Favorite movie snack list
  33. Share a rant about one subject through the news.
  34. A list of your bad habits
  35. Create a ANTI bucket list
  36. Fashion wish list
  37. Handbag wish list
  38. Makeup wish list
  39. Favorite things about each holiday
  40. What is your favorite holiday, and why
  41. Why you would want to do something that’s on your bucket list.
  42. A list about all charities with a focus on the one you support (explain why)
  43. A letter to your younger or older self.
  44. A letter to your fav celebrity
  45. Letter to your parents
  46. A letter to your parents
  47. Facts about yourself
  48. Letter to your fav high school teacher
  49. Letter to your favorite college teacher.
  50. Being friends with someone for a long time
  51. Outfit of the day
  52. Fashion trends you love
  53. Fashion trends you hate
  54. Explaining your tattoos and piercings.
  55. Introduce us to your family
  56. Favorite fall lipsticks
  57. Favorite summer lipsticks
  58. Favorite summer foundation
  59. Favorite make up brands
  60. Favorite skin products
  61. Favorite hair products
  62. Share your monthly goals
  63. Favorite Instagram accounts
  64. Favorite twitter accounts
  65. A list of your pet peeves
  66. A day in your life
  67. All about your pets
  68. Fav movie of all time
  69. Fav books of all time
  70. Fav band/album of all time
  71. Birthday haul
  72. Holiday haul
  73. Your birthday in review
  74. A picture for every hour in the day and explain in one paragraph
  75. Places in your city to visit
  76. List of things to be happy about
  77. Your travel bucket list
  78. Gift guide for people in your life
  79. Home décor wish list
  80. What your dream wedding looks like
  81. Traditions with your best friends
  82. Have someone do a guest post for you
  83. Talk about your favorite animal
  84. What was your best five memories. Who was it with?
  85. How to have enough storage for your photos on your iphone
  86. Whats on my iphone tag as a blog post
  87. whats your biggest fear?
  88. compare your life from 10 years ago and now.
  89. rant about your dreams
  90. share a weird dream
  91. share a beautiful dream
  92. whats your wedding going to look like?
  93. Do some giveaways
  94. Hold a contest or multiple contests
  95. Share your to-do lists with your audience.
  96. Pick a topic you like and you think others would read about and actually research it and share what you’ve found.
  97. Write a list of 50-100 random facts..
  98. Write a story and share
  99. Write a poem and share
  100. Share lifehacks
  101. Write a blog post within a certain # of words. Stop at that word even if it doesn’t make sense, continue on the next post you make.



Thanks for reading my blog post. Again I hope that this helps you in any kind of way. I’ll probably be updating this or creating a new list some time at the end of the month, who knows.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, even if it’s just to say hi!


With much love,


101 Blog Post Ideas

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