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Hey readers,

It’s been a while… so I’m currently sitting by the pool area under a cabana, drinking what they call a mudslide. It’s so great, but I can’t tell you whats in it just know theres a mix of alcohol in it too. You’re probably wondering how could I be having some alcoholic bevarage when I haven’t turned 21 yet, well if you can read the name of this post, I’m on vacation!!

thanks to my wonderful, amazing parents I’m able to go to Mexico!! We left the United States of America on May 19th at exactly 10:30 Am from the Newark airport. Our flight was a bit late arriving in Cancun Mexico BUT we (my mother and I) were able to take a 30 minute shuttle to the resort, then went to eat for an hour and hang out before having to check in at 4pm.

The room we have is honestly so spacious, more than enough for a vacation. As soon as you walk in you see the dining room table in kind of the middle of the space, then you see the tv to the far right hand corner, then you’ll see the sofa’s on each side of the room with a small marble table in the middle of the two. There’s a balcony in the living room space, but also connected is a small kitchen. The kitchen has a small fridge , sink, cabinets on top and the bottom, microwave, toaster, blender and a coffee maker. Then you go into one of the rooms and it also has a balcony!! You go inside the bedroom and onto the right you’ll see a door which leads into the small room with a toilet on your left but if you continue straight there’s a sink with a HUGE mirror and then a shower with also a tub. Next to the tub you’ll see another door with a small body mirror on it, opening that gets you right by the door, but you see theres a closet door on your right leaving the bathroom and on your left theres a sink with a huge mirror there as well. I’ll insert some pictures so you can see the real thing, if I even gave a great description honestly.

On the first day 05/19/2017 , we didn’t really do much. I was tired because honestly… being cramped up in the plane for about three hours is a bit too much for me. It’s my first time out the country so YOU KNOW, it was really difficult for me. What’s also difficult was and still is , having to leave my partner behind. but if you follow my posts, you’ll hear more about that within the next two blog post’s I’ve got for ya today.

This vacation has actually given me a sense of direction in the sense of:

  • How much respect most of these people that work here have compared to those who are visiting here.
  • How much I’ve missed my partner while being here and how difficult it was to keep my eyes from shedding some tears as I was arriving here. ( I know kind of pathetic)
  • How much I need a small vacation away from everything…


People may look at me and or anybody else and wonder HOW in the hell they could be stressing when we “don’t have much to stress about”. I’m sorry but we are all different and we all handle things differently. We all don’t cope the same way, we all don’t take things harshly the same way.

As my partner would say;

“Your rock bottom isn’t the same as someone else’s rock bottom. Yours could be losing your car but for someone else it could be as simple as losing their keys.”  – Lily Lorenzo

And I couldn’t agree more.. this mini vacation has taken most of all the weight from my shoulders and placed it elsewhere. We haven’t done much, I mean I still do things that I do at home like text and go on social media BUT I’m not at work dealing what I deal with there, I’m not at home having to deal with what I do there, I’m not in the places where I am 24/7 where my mind is literally going crazy.

I am in Riviera Maya, Mexico in the Vidanta resorts with my best friend, my mother. Enjoying the beautiful nature: Palm trees, lizards, iguana’s, raccoons, the hot Mexican sun and so much more. Enjoying the warm water in the pool, the shade within the cabana’s, the amazing taco’s, the margarita and the margarita pizza, the great nacho’s, guacamole and later on today we are going to see the Circus of Ole or as they call it “Joya”.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, I’ll be back later on tonight or maybe tomorrow talking about the show and the last things we will be doing until we leave back to Jersey on Thursday!

Thanks for reading… and thank you Mexico!



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