My Name is Brianna Anjelique– just you watch!

Hey readers!! Oh man, I really suck at keeping up with writing on here… it’s been crazy let me TELL you!! So I don’t know if I told you already but as of March 08th, 2017 I’ve been in a relationship with the MOST amazing human being ever; Lily Lorenzo. And that is why my life has been crazy for the past two months haha.

Recently, she moved in at my parents house (where I am staying)… well let me not say the words ‘moved in’ only because it is temporary. My parents have been SUPER kind to let her stay with us in a current situation that she has been put through and she is as well as I am, very grateful for it. She has been on a job hunt so she can get back into school to receive her GED or HS diploma (whichever is easier/faster) and also for her to find her own place.


I am hoping that my family doesnt see this only because I like to get personal on here as some of you already know… but anyway… I am also planning to move out as well once I am financially stable to. I won’t be moving out right away (with her) but I do plan on moving out and into her apartment as well.


I’ve been thinking about moving out for a while and by that I mean the past two years I’ve talked to my best friends and my sister (Nicole) about moving out together but it’s just never really been our TOP priority. Being that I will be turning 21 in Sept, I want to really get out there on my own and just show not only my parents that I’m capable of doing it out on my own (the way they have taught me to) but also to myself.

Time to get personal….

I am no longer interested in the major that I have been studying for the past two years. When I first started college I wanted to be a teacher but then I switched it to being a Sociology major then to a Psychology major back to being a education major to work as a teacher for students with disabilities. For the past three or four months it’s really hit me hard that the career choices I made? Its not ME.

What is ‘me’ then? If you know me well enough you know that I love being on my phone and on my laptop. You know that I love being in the comfort of my own home, that I love doing online things like selling on Mercari or Poshmark.. answering questions for surveys, working with ItWorks and or Avon and so forth.. What I’m getting at here is I want to work within social media/media and all that technology thing haha.

I have enjoyed myself more these past few weeks working within Avon and being home and not going to classes and so forth because its MY own schedule. I would rather work from home within my own time frame than have to deal with someone else giving me my schedule, if that makes any sense.

You may think I’m crazy for choosing this kind of career but it’s really something I’ve always been into. Promoting brands, products and companies and getting a percentage off of it is what I love best. Interacting through social media, meeting people from all over the world, working on MY own time and being able to do it whether I’m in the shower or on the toilet (sorry if that was a tmi) but that is ME. So that is why I’m going to start doing what is best for ME and what is really what I want to do with my own life.

I was afraid and kinda still am afraid for my parents / family to find out that right now I want to take a break from school. I want to step back, breathe in some air and get my head in the place I want to be. I know what major I want to study and that is ; communications public relations (thanks Jenn). But for right now I’d like to just not worry about scheduling classes and spending 500 for each class (not including textbooks). I don’t want to stress myself out with all of that, I want to just work and bring home the bacon. Move out and go back to school within a year from today.

You know, college isn’t for many people and it is for me but not right now. I feel strongly about the whole getting a degree thing but I also feel strongly about doing what makes you happy in life. Doing what you believe in and believe in yourself on getting where you want to be.

Life is scary, whether we are 10 or 65 years old, it is scary. We don’t know what will happen within the next second of our lives and that is why we must do things out of love and compassion. Out of joy and with no regrets. I like to believe that life isn’t about finding what makes you happy or finding out who you are as a person.. it is about becoming happy and being the person you are right at that moment.

Let’s face it, all of us will never really be where we want to be in life ( to the T ) but we can get close enough to it… and it’s my time to get close enough to it.

My name is Brianna Anjelique.. I am a (soon to be) 21 year old, LESBIAN who is about to change her entire life around, just you watch.

My Name is Brianna Anjelique– just you watch!

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