Hello April

Hello readers,

It’s been A WHILE huh? I thought I would give writing a break due to a lot of stress within myself. But I am back and I’m definitely better ;). Haha. *high five* to those that get that little line right there.


School has been a drag, I’ve stopped doing youtube videos as well (I make them but don’t edit them), I am now in a relationship with a beautiful human being (literally she’s great). My nephew is seven, in six months I’ll be 21 (so yes, I am already planning my birthday hah), I’ll be going on vacation in a month and a couple of days (MEXICO HERE I COME).

I’m one month away from finishing school, also one summer class away from receiving my AA degree. I’m kind of undergoing a change of major and career all of a sudden, but I’ve got a great idea of what I’ll be doing for my BA.

I’m thinking about writing stories again online (using wattpad and of course sharing it through here).

The relationship I’m in is with a beautiful young girl that I spoke about through here once (I believe). We were friends before anything and she’s always had feelings for me but BAM, something came onto me like an arrow to my BUTT at the end of February 2017… and here we are.. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. (not kidding)

We’ll see how things go… see you soon… if I don’t forget (or get busy)




Hello April

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