My Journey: ItWorks Global

Hey readers!

It’s been a while!

But I’m back!! And guess what i’ve started? Twenty days ago i started working within an online company/business : ItWorks! Global.

” ItWorks is a skin care and nutrition company, named for the excited reaction people have when trying our products—it works! ”

There are over 40 products within the company that help literally anyone. The #1 product that we are known for is our Crazy Wrap Thing. Our ultimate body applicator wrap that is used ANYWHERE from the chin down. Men and woman are able to use our products and see results as quick as 45 minutes!

I have personally tried our wraps when mine came in and I was really shocked by the results i had received. I’m ordering more and i’m actually going to take before and after shots this time so all of you could really see what it does!

As a college student, it’s so hard for me to actually balance work and school, this semester hit me really rough and i didn’t want to tell my parents that but now that the semester is over i’m really looking into not working (at least not physically going to a job). Finding itworks global was truly a blessing in disguise.

Even though i have not gotten paid YET i will be. I’ve got my customers signed up already for their three months challenge.. i’ve got potential and i’ve got dedication. I believe in this company / business and i definitely believe in myself. It may take a while for everyone else to see my results within this company but just within 20 days i’ve already seen a big difference within myself and the way i talk to people. I absolutely love my team and love the thing i’ve accomplished already.


I cannot wait to grow more within my business. I’ll be posting more information and of course my journey within the business. If you’d like to check out our products and or join my team you can do so online @ : OR you can comment below / message me on any social media and i’ll contact you !

My Journey: ItWorks Global

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