Biggest Weekend OVER

Hey Readers!!!!

Holy cow, this weekend was such a chaotic mess, at least for me and my fellow retail peers. It’s coming to an end, it really is so that’s a good thing. I hope everyone wasn’t hurt during the process of Black Friday shopping and had a fulfilling ThanksGiving. Although i am tired i had a great thanksgiving and black Friday. My second home (work) is like another family for me, at least some of them make it like family, hopefully the new people that are sticking around after the holidays will also mix in within the family.

Anyway, this post is going to be really short because i really have nothing to say at the moment. Just want to wish you all Happy Holidays… be safe and enjoy your days off for those who have a semi break from work and or school (or both). Christmas is 29 days away, how exciting!!!


I’ll be making youtube videos again very soon, and i’m working my way up into my photo shoots so if anyone is interested and is from Ny / Nj area please do contact me ASAP to work something out within photo shoots (non professional).

I’m very excited for this, such a passion for photography.


My youtube videos will also be posted on here with a post mixed into it for those that would rather read than watch the video. But it will be shared on here as well so you all can enjoy it too.




Biggest Weekend OVER

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