My 2016 Favorites

Good afternoon readers! I’ve had the worst case of writers block, due to the case of endofsemesteritis where everything just becomes a big ball of blurriness. I’m gaining the thoughts back slowly though, it’s a process you know? Haha. So, today i’ve decided to share my favorites with you guys through out the months of 2016. You know like: my favorite songs, movies, memories of 2016, favorite purses and senses, all that good stuff. I just feel like because the holidays are around the corner, practically here already, i’ll just start writing the usual favorites of the year. Knowing that i’ll be working every holiday besides Christmas, it will be pretty hard for me to get some blog posts in there. So enough of blabbing, lets just get with it.

 So if you know me personally you know that social media is my number one obsession. I’m literally glued to it. My favorite of all social media is….. SNAPCHAT. Why? Because not only the filters but i just love sharing what i’m doing at the moment, it may not be cool or interesting for some of you guys, it might just be annoying sharing every little thing that someone does in their daily life for most but for me? I absolutely love it. The downside of snapchat for those who enjoy vlogging or watching vloggers on YouTube, it takes away having the full affect of video blogging kind of thing. Its been pretty hard for me to vlog, (that is why i’ve put my channel to the side for now) but also blog and also be on my social media. I might end up deleting my snapchat app for a while so i could make my vlogs, hmmmm (thinking on my blog post again, oops).

The next social media i love to go on is Instagram. I do not have a theme on my Instagram, in fact my Instagram has never exceeded over the amount of 10 posts because i just never liked the idea of having to scroll down to see all of my posts. But this year i managed to stop myself from deleting my memories and keeping it there so i have something to reflect on as the years go on. I also enjoy going on Instagram to see how others are doing and the funning videos and memes people like to post up. Now that they have the Instagram story on there as well, its just funny to see my family and family friends post up as if it’s snapchat kind of thing.

My third social media i go on almost every day is weheartit, this app is literally my life. I’m always saving pictures from the app that i find very beautiful and cute. I probably have more photos from weheartit than i do of myself and my every day life. This site and app also allows me to have like collections of albums so that way i don’t need to save it on my phone, it can just stay on the app. People are allowed to follow the collections/albums that you create instead of having to following your entire page. So it makes it easier for those to just look at the photos they WANT to see and not just everything that you like. This is where i get most of all my quotes and my wallpaper for my iPad, laptop and my phone.

The next social media that i love to go on is Facebook. I do not go on it every single day but i love posting videos of my grandma or my dogs on there because of family. I love playing games and connecting it to Facebook so i can play with my family or friends. Its just an amazing app to share things amongst my family that i do not get to see because of work and school. The last two social media sites that i’m going to mention are the ones that i’ve had for YEARS: Twitter and Tumblr. Twitter is the place i go to sometimes vent on how I’m feeling and just to make new friends honestly. I also use twitter to ask my followers questions like, what blog post i should write next, what video i should post on youtube and stuff like that. I also connect with a lot of the LGBT community through twitter, i feel like it’s such an easier place to do that. Tumblr is my escape. I can literally lay on my bed and scroll through Tumblr for hours and not realize the time. I do not go on Tumblr as much as i used to in my high school days BUT, i do go on it right before bed every night. I also enjoy having to customize my page and making it look cute, like how it was for MySpace back in the day. (as if I’m old?)

Now that we’ve got social media handled lets get onto my favorite shows.

Im not sure about all of you guys but, it’s rare for me to turn my tv on in my room, VERY rare. I’m not even sure why i have a tv anymore honestly. I’m mostly watching my shows through Netflix or i go on the personal website that most of these shows have and watch the shows through my iPad or laptop. Sometimes i’ll turn my tv on or go to my parents room for their tv and i’ll watch the shows through our DVR but most cases i’ll catch up on the episodes weeks after it was aired. I would rather watch something entirely than having to wait to see what happens next, call me boring. Haha. The shows i love to watch are as following: NCIS, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Jane The Virgin, Scandal, and lastly, Grey’s Anatomy. In the beginning of the year i used to watch Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Awkward, Faking It, and The vampire Diaries, but it all dragged out for me and i lost interest in it. I’m sure if i were to catch up on The Fosters and Faking It, i’d watch it all the time again but it’s hard keeping up with that and work and school and all of my other interests/hobbies that i’d like to do as well.

Lastly, my favorite memories of 2016….

Now this is actually really hard to answer. The beginning of 2016 was a bit depressing for me because i was dealing with a loss of a friendship or relationship, it’s stuck in between the two. It ended really badly and i wish things wouldn’t have ended that way honestly. But there is no going back or even trying to fix it at this point. Through out the year i’ve had more horrible days or months than good ones because a lot happened in this year. But i guess the best moments that i can think of starts in the summer. I went camping with my mom, my cousins and my sister in June. Than in July i went again with basically the entire family that goes every year and my dads friend. I cut my hair which has been something i’ve wanted to do but was really scared to do it because I wasn’t sure it would look right on me, and it turns out i love my hair short. I finally visited Hoboken for the first time and have been going a lot frequently now. Each night that i do go there it turns out to be a peaceful and an amazing night. I also won a contest through youtube and received an Apple MacBook Pro which is what i’ve wanted for a very, very long time.

For my 20th birthday i went out to Hoboken with my best friend, than went out to the cheesecake factory for my first time ever with a coworker, and to end it all i went out to eat at another place i have never been to with the family and was sung to with bongos. I’ve made two friends at school this semester whom i’d say are the greatest. I got closer to a coworker of mine who means a lot to me more than ever. I got a lot closer to many friends that i thought were close before but realized they weren’t until now (if that makes any sense haha).

I’ve gained a tremendous amount of confidence and self love within myself this year. And now that i am reflecting my entire year, i have been single this entire year and can actually say that it was one of the best years that i’ve had. I couldn’t be any more happier than the way things have turned out for me this year. I’ve been all about the books and working hard. It definitely paid off by getting a promotion and a raise, and now possibly being able to graduate in a couple of months with my Associates Degree.

This year has literally shaped me into the ADULT that i will be within the years to come and i am so thankful for that. I’ve learned so much about myself and so much about finance and just an overall outlook on life in so many different perspectives. I’ve gained so much knowledge this year that has broaden the way that i think and believe in things. One thing that is key for all of us to remember as days or months that go by is that Life Goes On. Whether we have our bad moments or our good moments, it still goes on and it’s okay to have those bad moments. But it’s not okay to just sit around and make ourselves miserable because time doesn’t stop and just sitting around making ourselves miserable, dwelling on the past instead of moving forward and correcting our mistakes it’s just a waste of time. Time that we will never get back.

So, as the year is now coming to an end, think back and reflect on your life. Whether you write it down in a journal or you’re just looking back at it through images in your head, remember that you’ve accomplished a lot this year. Whether you believed it at that moment of time or not, you grew so much this year and you should be proud of all of that. The mistakes that you’ve made through out this year will be fixed if it’s truly something you wish to fix. There’s a saying we all know very well; New year, New Me. Instead of saying that exact quote, make the change you want within the next 365 days to your life. Create a better version of yourself within the time you’re given. We are never promised another day.



My 2016 Favorites

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