6 Apps To Make You Some Ca$h

Hey readers, it’s been a while but I am back! So today i decided to write about all the sites and applications on my phones i’ve gone through over the years to win either gift cards or actual cash. When i was younger i always wanted to make some cash so i could go out with my friends instead of asking my parents for no. [i hated being told no, i was a little spoiled one]

So i thought, why not share what i’ve experienced through the websites and apps that everyone seems to talk about. I know how hard it is to be young and get a job, not many places take anyone under the age of 18, UNLESS you know someone who could get you into the job. I think the apps and sites that i will be mentioning could help out a lot of you to get some extra cash that you’d like.

Keep in mind, the results i get are from the job that i’ve done. Most of these websites and apps take time and if you actually don’t go on and actually do something with it, you won’t get the money or results that you want to have.

I am NOT sponsored in anyway. Even if i were to be i’d still be 100% honest about the way i like the apps and websites, there is no point in lying.  So lets just get on with the show :).

  1. InboxDollars 

This application is on the apple iPhone store. Not too sure if it works on google play honestly. Inbox dollars is basically an app that pays you for daily activities you’d do. Before it didn’t have as many options as it does now so it’s actually really interesting. You’re able to watch videos and ads and simply get paid for that. You can do surveys and earn any where from 0.25 to $5.00. I haven’t seen anything hire than that but if you do multiple things in one hour, it does add up! The way inbox dollars worked for me when i first started was, the application would send emails to me and i’d have to open up that email and certain emails had a task or a website you’d go on. Some had videos and some had nothing at all to do anything. I literally sat on my computer twice a week opening up the emails and getting paid for just that. The most i’ve gotten was .50 cents for one email. Overall i’ve earned $100 within 4 months, which IS NOT THAT BAD.

Now that inbox dollars has a lot of options to choose from, it gives you more of an opportunity to cash out some cash. Not only would you be able to request a payment but you could also use that cash or credit to enter sweepstakes. The sweeps that are currently going on as of today are as following:

  1. win $250.00 cash monthly credited to your inbox dollars account
  2. win $100.00 DAILY credited to you account
  3. win $50.00 daily!
  4. daily $50.00 target gift card
  5. $25.00 cash daily
  6. $25.00 target gift card daily.


I think this app would be great for ages 12-16 because they are constantly watching videos or just on their phones on social media, why not get paid to open up an app and play videos or take surveys and even get some free  beauty samples while earning a couple cents towards your cash?!


2. SwagBucks 

This website honestly isn’t my favorite. I found it to be really confusing on the computer. They’ve added a lot to it but the concept is exactly like inbox dollars. The one thing i do enjoy is through the app on my phone, I can just open up a video and it automatically goes to the next video once the first one is finished. Which makes earnings within watching videos a lot easier. I literally just leave my phone plugged into my charger and let the videos run as my volume is down and i’m doing homework. It’s actually a great method, try it. Haha. I haven’t earned anything from here because it does take a lot of work and time, i just didn’t like it and with my lifestyle of never really being home or having spare time to go on it for even 30 minutes, it’s not worth it for me.

3. Opinion Outpost 

This website i do not like at all. This is a site for those who like to read and answer questions. You take surveys to determine what survey’s are available for you to get paid for. Depending on your answers and profile, you only get a certain amount. Some people may get 2-5 surveys a month others may get 1 or none a month and theres those lucky people who may get 5-10 a month. It hasn’t happened to me. Even if i did receive one, i answered a couple questions and no longer was a match for the survey. Which honestly GETS ANNOYING really quickly. Hence why i do not like the website.


4. FeaturePoints / feature gift 

This application is for the iPhone and also the androids ( i believe). This used to be just through the safari but they finally upgraded it and it’s the best thing in the WORLD. CORRECTION, i just checked and it is now on the safari again. They’ve had a lot of glitches so to find this you’d have to google it and use it through your safari. Basically when you sign up, you’ll see a whole list of apps to download. You click on it and each app has different instructions.

Some apps may want you to open it just for a quick second and you’ll receive your coins, other apps want you to complete the tutorial of the game and other applications want you to reach a certain level depending on the game it is. So be careful and do read the apps instructions before downloading it.

Don’t want you to expect to download all of it and get your points when sometimes theres work to be done first than the pay. With each individual app it has a number next to it for coins and another with a smiley emoji face. The coins is what you’d get to eventually cash out for your rewards, the smiley emoji face is for every friend that you’ve referred has downloaded apps as well. Each user has their own referral code.

What you get with that referral code is half of your friend points. So if they download an app that is worth 150 coins you’d be getting 75 points just from them downloading the app. So you’d get the 150 if you download the app and then their 75 points. The more friends you refer the more coins you earn, the more coins you earn the better reward you receive.

Here is my referral code so you could gain 50 points from just signing up: HTFFC5 

There’s also an app called feature gift which is like the app i mentioned above. but this one is a little more simpler. You’ve got tapping games, you’ve got spin the wheel, you’ve got a chest to open with coins and so forth. The rewards for this kind of suck in my opinion BUT it’s still some money off, as a college student i’ll take even a dollar from amazon. Anything helps.

5. AppTrailers 

So this is an app on the iPhone store and i believe on google play as well. So basically, all you do on this app is click on videos and just let the video play. The video and or ad is about 30seconds to 1 minute long. Some videos have two short 10 to 15 second ads and than the video itself which shouldn’t be any longer than 2 minutes.

i’ve used this months ago but stopped keeping up with it as usual. I gave up too quickly and so i really never redeemed anything from this app. BUT there have been great feedback with this application and i feel like its so easy to use.

I literally play the first video in one topic that i chose from a list and it plays the other videos automatically. Sometimes i have to pay attention to it because picture ads come up so i have to click on the x for it to go away BUT its still an easy way to get 100 points while I’m just sitting on my computer doing some homework or watching tv or even writing this blog for you ;).

So for each video you receive 7 points and for every 500 points its 0.50 cents for PayPal. with this app you are able to cash out even a $1.00 gift card. Personally i think it’s dumb to do that BUT whoever wants that $1.00 amazon card or anything else, by all means go for it.

There is also always a free scratch off in the redeem tab of this app. So daily just make sure you go on and use the free scratch off because it does give you a good amount of points if you do win. Once i did get 100 points just from one scratch off and it helped me out a lot because than i was able to buy other scratch offs and gain more points.

What rewards do they have?

They actually have a lot of rewards. So you can payout through PayPal which you can payout with just 500 points (50 cents), you can get an $1 amazon gift card, $5 star backs card or best buy card. you can cash out for a $10 iTunes, xbox, league of legends, playstation and or a Nintendo eshop card. Lastly you can also get a $20 steam gift card as well.

Overall i think this app is really great. Months ago i believe i did have a couple issues with points not being correct but lately i haven’t had any issues with it. It’s been about three days already and i’ve got 200 points and thats not even going on it for more than an hour each day. I do believe this app is worth your time if you’re looking for an easy way to make some kind of reward.



So there you have it, my opinion on 6 applications that can be used right through your iPhones. The order of it has no meaning to it, just the opinions stated on it have meaning to it. I hope you enjoyed this little post. It’s been a while but I’m trying to write more and make a ‘come up’ as they call it. If you’d like me to make more posts like this be sure to like, comment and share amongst your friends and family!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Holidays are near!!





6 Apps To Make You Some Ca$h

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