Stand United

Before this election even started i was scared. Surrounding myself with family and friends that support me and keep me going keeps the fears within me. Now that the election is over and AMERICA chose Trump over Clinton there are so many reasons to be frightened. I am a white woman who self identifies as a pansexual. I have african american black friends, i have muslim classmates, i have latino and latina friends / family, i have asian classmates and friends. I grew up loving and respecting all. Just because in January my NEW president doesn’t respect all, does NOT mean i will. Or that i will treat anybody different. I spread love as i was taught to but i will also not take SHIT from anyone. I will still be scared amongst my classmates and friends and family. I do not know what is to come for the next four years, but i’ve had enough of someone telling me that being gay is not okay. New generations have already grown around the LGBT and black lives matter era. Im sick and tired of hearing people say to stop talking about this election and what not. Why? why should we stop? And the ignorance of those who say WHITES do not have any affect or risk due to this election. Excuse me? This affects MILLIONS of us. It affects the gays, lesbians, transgender, pansexuals, bisexuals, blacks, whites, latino/latinas, muslims, the jewish, asians, A L L of the god damn people in this world. Those who live in america, those born or not born in america. People keep saying that whites do not matter and are shit because majority of the whites voted for trump, but what about those that haven’t voted for trump? Those white people that are gay, those whites that are also latino/latina, those whites that are in foster care and have families that are black? Stop with the whole COLOR bullshit. Just stop making it about the color of the skin. If you want to say TRUMP supporters, okay cool. But do not sit here and say WHITES do not matter because everybody god damn matters. Not every trump supporter is white and you god damn know that too.
Sorry for the profanity but it’s just so annoying. Where is the love? Stop the hate. We are the UNITED States of America, Land of The Free. We all have our opinions. We all have our own lifestyles. But at a time like this? We need to stay strong and stand by one another.
Stand United

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