Straight, Gay, Bi? No Wait Pansexual..Confusion!!!

hey readers! happy hump day! it’s officially the middle of the week, how crazy is time flying by? 

i apologize for not writing in a week, i’ve had major writers block. i’ve been working a lot of shifts and also school has been a hassle too. i appreciate every one of you that continue to read my posts, that is loyalty right there! 

Im off from work today so i’ve decided to make it a cleaning day but i also wanted to address something to CONFUSION. 

yes, confusion. this post is directed to those who are questioning whether they are straight, bisexual, gay/lesbian, pansexual, etc… 

who cares? literally, ask yourself if you care about what others think of you. if the answer is no, then LOVE WHO YOU LOVE. there is a word / sexuality for loving anyone for just who they are as a person but you do not need to label yourself. 

i label myself because it is easier for me to explain to those who ask what i am. i label myself because the label i’ve chosen will always be a part of me no matter where i stand in a relationship. 

i am a pansexual female, woman, young lady. whether i am in a heterosexual relationship or in a lesbian relationship. i shall be the same woman that i am when i am single. it is a part of me, it is who i am. 

you do not need to label yourself if it is not something you want to do. if people say “oh but isn’t that pansexual or bisexual?” you can either say, yes it is but i chose not to label myself or you can say, if that’s what you want to think that’s who i am than go ahead and think it. 

people have their own opinions and ways of thinking about certain things. but we are NOT alive to impress those around us. we are alive for ourselves and our own purposes, not to be perfect and please those who mean nothing in our day to day decisions. 

your life, your decisions, you decide how to live it and how to love. 



Straight, Gay, Bi? No Wait Pansexual..Confusion!!!

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