Dear Best Friend


Hey readers, happy TUESDAY!! I know it’s not the greatest day of the week but hey, at least you opened up your eyes today and stepped outside this world as courageous and brave as you can be. So you all know that this month is Photo A Day month for me, and yes I’ve missed a couple of photos but I’ll make up for it i promise lol. It WILL happen. Anyway, this picture obviously wasn’t taken today but it is a photo and i just love this photo and want to share a little about it.

This is me and my best friend or as most of you know her as my mother. This photo was taken in Pennsylvania at The Longwood Garden. My mother decided to take a little road trip last winter together, its been about eleven months since this day and it literally feels like it JUST happened. When i was younger i would always love to be with my mom, no doubt, BUT i didn’t tell her everything.

She took me to school almost every morning, okay every single morning lol. She took me to my dance practices, picked me up from them, she’d even stay most of the time. She’d pick me up from my softball practices and games, she’d take me to cheerleading practices and games and so forth. She was always there. When I’d want to go out with friends she’d be there just as if she was a friend.

There was this specific moment in the car with my three best friends, Katarina (who is like a cousin to me), Stephanie and Nancy. I forgot exactly where we were going but we were out in the car. I sat in the passenger seat while the three of them sat in the back. We were coming to a red light and the driver in front of us had signaled their blinker indicating they were turning left. My mother, as goofy as she is, says “oh my gosh, he is WINKINGGGG at meeeeeee” in the GIRLEST, high pitch voice ever. We all looked at each other and started to laugh SO hard, i think i almost peed myself.

I am never embarrassed to show my love for both my mother and my father. They believe that they embarrass me by the way they both act in public but it’s honestly help me within NOT caring about what people think about me as an individual. Both my parents have been there for me through it all. My dad has also been to games and practices and has been there plenty of times for me. But in this case I’m speaking about how close i am with my mother and how she is my best friend.

It wasn’t until my cousin, Katarina told my mother EVERY little detail about the ‘drama’ in her high school lifestyle that i realized, my mom is very understanding. When I came out to my mother in 2013 and told her about my current girlfriend at the time her literal response was, “ok… and?” It was that very moment that made my relationship with my mother a lot closer. I was able to be more of who i was than ever. Of course she didn’t really want to hear the gooey stuff or at least not what i wanted to tell her just yet lol. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

When i graduated high school, started college, driving on my own and also working a lot is when i started to really miss my mom. There wasn’t any need of her taking me to school or work anymore, there wasn’t any need of her taking me shopping anymore because i have my own car, my own money to spend. Because I’ve only worked within retail in my two jobs that i’ve had, schedules are also different. I practically work every single day of my life, even weekends. My mother has off weekends.

Little road trips are taken due to the way that we rarely spend time together. I remember when she went on vacation with my father i cried because she wasn’t going to even be in the same country as i was. She was only gone for about six days in total? And it still hit me hard.

Both of my parents are my entire world and I’d be devastated when the time comes to say my goodbyes to them (god forbid it is any time soon) *knocks on wood*, but i know for sure it will hit me harder to lose my mom because she’s been there to pick me up (emotionally) numerous times.

In this photo, it literally expresses our relationship. Not because she looks crazy and i look like im so embarrassed, that was the whole idea of it. Before this photo we had taken many other photos similar to this, just different faces. I randomly looked like this because well at the time that’s how i wanted my face expression to look. When my mother posted it on her Facebook many of her friends enjoyed this photo a lot because it looks like i am embarrassed of her. So let’s make this clear,


This photo was taken in the moment of random selfies. I like to catch my mom off guard all the time. Literally all the time. I’m on snapchat every single day, and whenever I’m with my mom and she’s driving or cooking or reading i like to bother her. She doesn’t like to really be on camera honestly, so when i take photos of her i try to make her laugh by looking at her weirdly or some funny way just to make her laugh and catch her REAL beautiful smile.

My mom fails to realize her inner beauty and I guess that’s why i connect with her in a lot of ways. I am exactly her replica. I am my mother. She is my other half. And i will always remind her of how beautiful she is even when she’s all wrinkly.

I Love You Mommy



Dear Best Friend

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