Happy Monday

Hey readers! So it’s officially a new week and it’s the FIRST week of october, how exciting? So today i’ve spent my morning just watching Criminal minds and also looking at videos on YouTube. Now i’ve started to clean my room because well i’ve really needed to get my crap together. And by that i mean, ever since my sister moved out i haven’t really touched up my room and made it comfy, besides getting a new desk space and moving my furniture around. I know everyone has that ONE junk drawer but mostly three of my 13 drawers are filled with junk that i have NO idea what’s in there. Honestly. Most of the things i use are already out so i do not go into my drawers often.

So it is time for me to get to cleaning and like do A HUGE clean out in my drawers of clothes and my closet. I’ve recently gotten BAGS AND BAGS of clothes from a dear friend of mine, THANK YOU FAV. She’s honestly the best lol.

So in order for me to go through that bag and go crazy of what i really want to keep, i have to clean this room and go through what i already have. I love doing this but also hate it because i’ll do this for the entire day and as soon as it gets dark out i start to get lazy and not want to continue BUT im going to try and not leave a bigger mess in my room this time because i really want to go through everything, donate and or sell things so i could get rid of it and get more things in the near future. And by that i mean within the next week haha.

I have a couple questions for you guys, comment your answers below OR create your own post with the hash tag #AnjsAngels & #Anjels in the tagged portion so i could see your answers!!!

  1. What is your favorite halloween movie?
  2. What is your favorite halloween candy?
  3. How often is your room a mess? (BE HONEST, NO JUDGING)
  4. How do you keep your room organized?
  5. Where do you shop for your room funiture,decor, organizational tools?
  6. What’s your favorite room to be in?
  7. What are your October goals? Should i share mine? Haha


Thank you all for always reading my blog posts. Thank you to those who’ve been here since day ONE, thank you for those who are coming in slowly. Thanks to those who follow me and share my content, thanks to those who follow me through email instead. I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

More content coming soon I PROMISE.

Bye Anjels,



Happy Monday

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