Dear Grandma 

Dear grandma or in this case Va, Thank you. 

Thank you for always being there to feed me, thank you for always being there to hold me when I couldn’t hold myself up. Thank you for wiping my tears away, thank you for teaching me certain things to NOT do, thank you for showing that even those who annoy us are those who we adore most. Thank you for walking to pick me up from the bus stop when I was 13, even when I asked you not to. Thank you for walking up the steps every time we have a thunderstorm to make sure I’m okay. Asking if I’d like to sleep with you for the night because you know I’m terrified of lightning. Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do, without you I’d be nothing (literally). When the day comes by to say good bye it will be the hardest thing I’d have to do. But i know you’ll never truly leave us here, it’s just a part of you. 

I love you . 
Photo day: 1 (I missed it yesterday, sorry!) 



Dear Grandma 

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