Goodbye September

     I can’t believe how quick time is going by. It’s literally insane. Sure i say this practically every month probably every year, but it is the truth isn’t it? It’s like 365 days just comes quicker each year. Today is the LAST day of september, it’s really strange how quick it’s going. I remember just celebrating New Years with the family, stressing out because i was new into the whole credit card world and kept it from my parents for about two months.

     It’s funny because my birthday lands towards the end of September, my father’s birthday is in November, my nephew’s birthday is in December (two days after christmas) and then January is my mother’s birthday. Everything actually happens around some kind of big event. My brother’s birthday happens to be the hardest month for me because the DAY before his birthday in 2008 my grandma, from my daddy’s side, had passed away. I wasn’t super close to her the way that I am close to my mother’s mom, But she’s family and I loved her, still do. She was so sweet and such a hilarious woman. I believe I lost my way of speaking portuguese because she was no longer around. I only speak portuguese to my grandparents, but i used to spend a lot of time with my dad’s parents over the summer because I’d love to sleepover my cousin’s house and be with him. We also went to church together every Sunday. I still speak portuguese, of course but not as well as i did before.

     Enough of the sad parts of life, tomorrow is OCTOBER 1st which obviously means HALLOWEEN is coming! Every year i decide to NOT dress up and do something for halloween because i never know what to dress up as or where to even go honestly. Last year i believe i actually worked on halloween and it was the cutest thing ever. Having to give out stickers to little children coming into the store because we ran out of candy. Why did we run out of candy? Because the workers in the store are some hogs that’s why ( i may have been one of them). Then again there was a basket just for  us, i didn’t touch anything else unless it in that basket of goodies! But this year, if i do not have to work i’m thinking about dressing up. Maybe if i’m invited or asked to go somewhere i’ll decide to do something. I’m thinking about going out as a witch, it would be fun honestly. Get long black nails, dark makeup, get a witch hat, dress in all black and find some pointy black flats, oooooo, #Excited.

      You know I’ve already started counting down the days for thanksgiving, christmas, new years AND my 21st birthday. “wasn’t it just your 20th four days ago?” Yes, yes it was. I mean who wouldn’t be excited to finally be able to drink legally? (I am not a party girl but all this hype about me being wasted by family and friends for my birthday is pretty exciting.) Plus maybe I’ll be the type to go out and socialize now that I am not restricted to many places.

     On top of that, I’ll officially feel like an adult since I’ll be 21. I mean sure when i was 18 I’m legally an adult but what can you do at 18 that you can’t do at 17? Maybe work later hours, go into clubs. But again, I’ve never really been a party kind of girl not even in high school. Maybe I’d go to one or two parties but it was either my best friends house parties, my ex girlfriends family birthday parties, or my cousins friends house parties that I’d occasionally gone with her so my little cousin wouldn’t be alone.

     I’m not sure if it’s strange for a young lady like myself that would rather stay at home on her computer and talking to herself through twitter or reposting photos to a blog that not many people even cared to look at.

     I mean literally, social media was my world when I was younger. And by younger I mean between the ages of 14-17, just because i had nothing else better to do, you know? I cared about how many likes i was receiving, I cared about how many followers I had and all those goodies on social media. I also cared about making friends. I’m not sure why but it came easy for me to make online friends, still is easy for me to meet someone online rather than in person/local. I’m really not sure why. I guess i just connect more with those who are further away from me.

     A lot of my friends and family think I’m insane and weird for ‘dating’ people who are states away from me, but i do not find it weird i find it rather beautiful honestly. It makes it a lot more exciting when you have to go out your way to see them, travel for miles and hours even. It builds anticipation and the whole ‘i miss you’ feeling. But that’s a whole other blog post haha.

     Going back to the whole pen pal thing; I remember I’d sit on my computer all weekend and write down emails so i could make pen pals. My parents didn’t want me to do snail mail so I’d even look into how much for a PO box. That’s when i started to sell my cases and wallets that i never used as much because i wanted money to get my own PO box. I never got one, but i plan to do so one day. I’d really enjoy sending letters to someone whether it’s states away or in a different country. I’ve always been fond of writing letters, i am not artsy or creative on my own, I’d have to see it to do it myself but when it comes down to writing? Oh man, i can write for days.

     I’d also enjoy buying little things as like souvenirs to give to my pen pal. I mean it’s just a whole different world where they are compared to here, even if it’s just little things.

The littlest things matter most. 

     I believe I got a little off track over there haha. So with it being October tomorrow, I thought I’d do something this month. EVERY day I’m going to take a photo. Whether it is of the street or the rain or my coffee I’m drinking or even of me, I’m going to take a photo and i’m going to post it up with a little blurb about it. I’m going to try to make two blog posts a day, one of the photo  blurb and one of just something I’d like to share with you.

     If I happen to miss a day of this little challenge or game that I’m giving myself I’m going to make up for it the following day. But I should be able to do it since I’ll be out the house almost every day for the next two weeks. I’m also going to try to do updates, meaning that I’ll be posting maybe every two weeks goals and maybe even a bucket list of things that I’d like to accomplish and do and I’ll try to get them done before the two weeks are up and i’ll post an update on what i did, how i did it, where i went, etc.. If it doesn’t get done within the two weeks it’ll still be on the list of things to do and i’ll just talk about it if and when it does get done!

     I feel like these ideas have really taken a toll on me honestly. It’s making me excited to see how things plan out. I’m just excited overall because FALL has officially started and i just LOVE this season. I do not love the season after it, not at all honestly BUT fall? Oh man oh man, DOUBLE HEART EYE EMOJI ENTER HERE.

     Why do i love the fall? I love the rain, not the thunderstorm kind of rain (that scares me honestly) but just the gray clouds, foggy air, rain drops falling from the sky hitting on my car or room window. Having some pumpkin scented candles lit up, maybe have some hot chocolate or coffee with hazelnut creamer instead of milk. Watching some movies under a nice fluffy blanket, cuddling with my dogs or my life-sized teddy bears. Being able to walk out the house with an oversized hoodie, leggings, ugg boots maybe even an infinity scarf. It’s just the best season ever, i literally dress in fall clothing all year round. Not even kidding, ask my co workers. I mean except for the scarves and the hats, but really, cardigans and leggings and my uggs are just MY FAV.

     I’m really excited if you cannot tell already. I’ve got big plans for the upcoming months within this blog and school and even just within myself as an individual person.

Afterall, this is A Journey Within.



Goodbye September

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