Hoboken New Jersey

As many of you probably heard, not so long ago a train crashed in Hoboken New Jersey. Just yesterday i was actually a street away from the station. How crazy is this to come to school and see all the tv’s on the news channel about the incident that happened. I’m now on break waiting for my next class and i’ve had the time to really look into what happened. Here’s the full story  . Apprently there was ONE who has died and over 100 have been severly injured. The one that had died in the incident was a woman who was standing on a standby platform. From my knowledge similar accidents to this one has happened twice over the years. How true that is or even relevant who knows.

I just hope that families, friends and victims in this crash all are brought back to safety and well taken care of. Prayers out to everyone in Hoboken, this is another event for many individuals won’t forget nor take for granted of their loved ones.

Hoboken New Jersey

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