Pink CheeseCake Surprise

Hey readers! So it’s late, I know BUT.. today well technically yesterday was a great day! I got to hang out with my best friend; Karina. She helped me find an outfit for last nights adventure and also pair of jeans for later on today. 

I should honestly be asleep but I wanted to share how my day and night was. I didn’t realize until my ride back home that this is it, I will be in my twenties after this weekend. How crazy?! 

I remember my sweet sixteen being just yesterday. In fact I remember my FIRST kiss back in 2010. It’s so crazy how time passes by really fast and you don’t realize it. 

Yesterday I went to the cheese cake factory with a great friend of mine whom shall be unnamed. Maybe I’ll come up with a nickname for those I do not want to name publicly on here, hmmm. 

Anyway, I’ve never been to this place and so it was a pretty cool experience. Their CheeseCake?! OH MAN so delicious lol. 

I wore a pink shirt flowy dress, shockingly it didn’t show too much of the twins, the twins like to poke out and see the world a lot of the days so today it was a bit more classy. I felt a little over dressed since everyone was in sweats, jeans, hoodies and other stuff BUT Idc it was my birthday celebration I enjoyed every moment of it. 

Now I have to get up in about 3-4 hours to get to my job for a meeting that we have for the holiday season, how fun right? Wrong lol. I’m kind of excited but not excited idk it’s a weird feeling honestly. But after I’ll be heading to Six Flags with my best friend ; my mommy, so we could get our passes than after that I’ll be coming home to do some last minute homework and just rest until my later in the evening plans that I mentioned in another recent post. 

I’m feeling good, tired but good.
Sweet dreams Angels. 


Pink CheeseCake Surprise

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