Pay Day Fun Day

Hey readers!! Happy friday! If you’re as lucky as I am today was pay-day! YAY. Double win huh? Well this pay-day is especially special because it’s my birthday weekend. I went to the mall and bought myself clothes for the weekend, not yet full outfits but it will be by tomorrow afternoon haha.

I’m pretty excited because tomorrow morning my best friend, Karina Cruz will be spending time with me all day. I do not remember the last time i saw her, it’s been a very long time since she was hired at a new job; YAY her!

Karina and I have been in each other’s lives since 2005 because of church. Then we just stuck around and honestly I’m so glad that she was one of the ones that stood around all these years, without her advice and corky-ness I don’t know where I’ll be right now. Tomorrow we plan to go to breakfast then hit the mall so i can complete my outfits for the rest of the weekend but we are also going to catch up on a lot being that it’s been a while that we’ve seen each other.

Then tomorrow night I’ll be going to The CheeseCake factory, which I’ve never been there so I’m really excited. Sunday is honestly a relax day, all i really have planned is to go on a date to Hoboken, yes a date. Haha. You’ll possibly hear the details, maybe, we will see lol. (my family does read my blog occasionally lol)

I haven’t been blogging much and i feel horrible about it. I have a lot of content that i want to write for you guys it’s just been really hectic. And although i have topics and ideas to write i haven’t really been able to come up with the whole post itself and what I’m going to write within it. It’s just been a whole BLUR in my head; writers block man. It kills.

But I swear that i haven’t forgotten about you guys, it’s just been hectic with work and school. Next week for me is going to be a big ball of tiredness because I’ll be working every day since i have two jobs. The days off from job #1 is when i work job #2 this up coming week, (I didn’t even ask off to be able to work #2) ironic how that worked. Honestly, I didn’t think i would be able to pull off going to school for eight hours two days a week and also going to work basically every single day of my life but i am managing it really well. Not sure how I’m doing it but hopefully it can continue with the holiday season approaching very quickly.

I’m actually supposed to be cleaning my room honestly, it’s not a mess but my drawers are and there’s a lot of things out-of-place so i feel like i should stop doing this and focus on that since i have no idea when I’ll be able to have time to do this again haha, i’ll be back very soon with a post maybe tomorrow or even monday.

P.S. I won’t be a year older until Monday, but every day of this weekend is my birthday ;).




Pay Day Fun Day

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