Goodbye Hair, Hello Confidence

Hello readers!! Yesterday I decided to chop off my hair. Why? because there’s a lot of comotion about how ‘big girls can’t have short hair’ ‘it just doesn’t fit for their shape’, so i decided to prove them wrong. Some may not enjoy short hair on plus sized woman, BUT who are you?

Some of you that read my blog posts have only seen photos of me through a post I published earlier this week. i do not post much photos because i don’t see the need to most of the time, i just rather write my heart away.

I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a very long time because it’s been unhealthy and also just because i’ve wanted to. I never did because i cared so much about other opinions and well i decided to stop listening and caring. It is my body, my hair, my life, my decision.

I’m making this post to show other young woman out there that it’s your decision, it is ALWAYS your decision.

i kept this haircut a secret from a lot of people until the very last moment only because i knew i’d get a lot of ‘you’re crazy’ ‘whaaat omg’ ‘DONT GO SHORT’ and so much more. I’m so glad that i did it. While watching my hair wither away I kind of had a moment of sadness because my hair was gone, but it’s hair it grows back. I needed a little change. I’ve worked so hard these past 2-3 weeks i deserve to just do what i wanted to do for a change.

Nothing wrong with change or giving yourself a reward for acomplishing something you thought you couldn’t do.

i have a lot of many goals that i want to achieve and looking at myself in the mirror, ok the camera on snapchat, has made me really think about starting to watch what I eat and how i eat and change my habits. I want to start stretching and doing little things at home to help improve my health.

I’m sharing this with you because i’m thinking about jotting down my thoughts and feelings on here. I’ll create a whole little category just for my weight journey. Should be interesting no? I think so.

I’m doing this not only for my benefit but for those who want to lose weight too. I’ll show you the good, the bad, the in betweens; you will hear about EVERYTHING. i do not hold back, i promise.

Remember, do whatever it is that pleases you. Whatever makes your heart skips beats and your stomach turn (in a good way). Who says you need a man or a woman to make you happy? Pish Posh, make yourself happy.

Get up off your ass and do something for yourself, see how quick it is to be happy.



Goodbye Hair, Hello Confidence

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