Let’s Get Emotional? (Thank You Letter)

Hey readers. This post is most likely going to be longer than any other post I’ve published thus far. You might be wondering by the title what exactly this is about well, in just TWO weeks i will no longer be a TEENAGER. How crazy is that? Extremley crazy. A couple of days ago i mentioned this little fun fact to my mother and she teared up multiple times, that is what inspired me to do this post right here.

I know i’ve mentioned before on here that i have a YouTube channel and that i’ll try to post there as much as i post here BUT i’ve came to the conclusion that blogging is me. If the time ever comes where i do make a video that i’d like to share i’ll post it directly here rather than through YouTube..

Anyway, i’d like to get personal and that’s where the title comes from. Getting personal means getting emotional for those who i speak about in this post. Are you ready? you might need some tissues.



This is baby Anj (or bri) lol. I was attending a family wedding in Portugal Nineteen years ago. I don’t remember this moment being that i wasn’t even two yet, but im sure my parents and others that were there do remember this exact moment/day. Wasn’t i such a cutie? What happened?!


This was taken at Dance School. Kayla’s birthday. Kayla is like a little cousin to me (she’s the one in the middle). I’ve known her since she was in diapers? Her mom and my mom were best friends i believe years ago. (don’t take that offensive please, ya’ll are still young lol) Kayla and i were close for the most part until later on in our teenage years. We still talk once in a while, which is great, she’s got a friend in me always. Kat (far left) is family. Her mom is like an aunt to me. We grew up together and were inseperable when we were younger. She’s older by like 8-9 months which i find ironic. Even in dull moments, if we are together it is still a load of fun. One hell of a friendship that i know will never die out. I love you twin.


Destiny (middle), Kayla (left handside) and I (right handside). This was during our comp period for the dance Teen Spirit. I remember working so hard for just ONE dance move; the barrel turn. (hope i spelt that right oops. Sorry ms.E & G oh and Ms. Melissa!) Dance was my entire life when i was younger, i remember watching my cousins Melody and Katarina dance on stage with this dance company; Planet Dance. I looked over at my mom and told her i wanted to do that, i wanted to be right up on that stage with them. For ten years that is exactly what i did. I switched to their dance company and it was the greatest decision i’ve ever made.

I remeber i’d always hurt myself as the years went on. During one competition I got so excited coming off from the stage i actually fell down the stairs and needed to ice my ankle because it was swollen. I still got right back up because my team needed me to stick it out for just one more dance, a long dance but i managed to pull through. I miss it every day, but life has other plans for me. I love you PD family, always and forever.



These people in all of these photos? That’s my family, from both sides of the family. Although i am closer to one side than the other, blood is blood, family is family. You have all been a part of my life since the day i entered this world (or the day you entered for those that are younger), and honestly i wouldn’t ask for any better family. We have our ups and our downs but it’s part of life. We are not perfect. Thank you to every single one of you for all of the memories that i’ve had up to today. Without you i would not be the woman i am today.

That is exactly the PURPOSE of this post. A thank you. To all of those that have stuck around from the start. To those who’ve partied hard celebrating my sweet sixteen:


To this beautiful young woman who is like me in so many ways but different in her own unique ways. It all started with a ‘ you speak portuguese too?’ conversation in sixth grade, to then our first football game as sophomores..


To then attend our HIGHSCHOOL graduation ceremony together.




To all the good memories from dance school (like how this day^^ was the day everyone was hurt but ME WHAAAAT IMPOSSIBLE!)



To the girls who got me through higschool. Hillary (peachez) &  Jamilee (cherry), for being there since literally DAY ONE. Meeting in Ms.Maher’s dance class freshman year continuing all the way up to our Senior year of high school and being right by each other’s side, until the very end of the stage. Stephanie, you might be the most quietest girl i’ve ever met but i understood your silence more than any other person in that school. We connected in so many ways through senior year and i’m so glad that i had the chance to build that friendship with you, you’re beautiful inside and out. Thank you for always being there for me and getting me through senior year haha.

And this young man right here? Man oh Man. This is my brother, Johnnathan. Thank you, for being you. For always being there for me whenever i need you, for supporting everything i stand for, for whoever i choose to be, for being my older brother and my hero. I love you dearly and nothing could ever change that. Although i am your little sister, i’ll always be here to protect you and be here when you need me just as much i know you’ll do the same for me. Always.



I am surrounded by the most amazing people EVER. I’m supported by many, whether it has to do with my sexuality or what i want to pursue in, what i enjoy doing like making youtube videos, writing, taking photos or even going live (broadcasting) and talking to a screen. I am supported even when people believe it is a weird task, and that is what i admire most and appreciate most within every single one of you.

Not everyone in these photos are currently in my life or are in my life on a daily basis, but these memories and experiences through out the years have shaped me into the woman that i am today. And not everyone currently in my life is mentioned in this as well but that’s because i can’t seem to find any photos of us, if this is the case, we need to take some photos no? You all know who you are !!! 

Random road trips with the family and friends. Getting closer with my mother, my family. Experiencing things on my own with a little job or even just riding in my car. The littlest moments in life are what capture my attention and appreciation most.

In just two weeks i’ll be blowing out 20 candles plus one for good luck. I wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you.

Here are some more photos i’d like to share without saying any words.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Early 20th birthday to me.

Thank you again to everyone who was once in my life and who has continued to stay in my life or who has now entered my life recently. Thank you.



Let’s Get Emotional? (Thank You Letter)

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