A Journey Within | Purpose | Advice to Future Bloggers

Hey beautiful people. It’s Saturday!

The past two days I’ve been really looking at other blogs through out wordpress and just other media sites as well. Why? Because I’m always writing about my life and about me that i feel like blogging should be about just things people actually want to read you know?

All this time that i was looking at other bloggers, i’ve realized that blogging can be about anything at all. Whatever WE as bloggers want it to be about. 

I started blogging with this platform July 2015. I didn’t really take it serious until Jan 2016 and by serious i mean i wasn’t really looking into blogging all the time and creating my own voice until then. Before it was more for me to just rant my emotions and feeling out to the world, whenever i needed to just vent; a online diary.

My purpose of this blog as of just last month is to be the voice of those who do not speak. Help those say the words they can’t think of themselves. Be relatable. Be somebody that could help motivate and inspire other peers around me to keep striving for their own success.

In life, there is always a purpose. Meaning, there will always be a reason for why we do things. We just don’t do something for the hell out of it. I not only write for myself but i write to express a voice for others. So that some day maybe my children or ANY child could look at this blog/journey and just realize that if you set your mind on something it is achieveable NO matter what is thrown in your way. That it is okay to be whomever you CHOOSE to be.

We can’t please everyone in life and i know many people in the world say that they enjoy and admire helping others, it’s just the way we go about helping that proves we really do mean it. It is the way we go about saying things and actually doing things that portrays a bigger picture. The reason of doing things is also a message.

My blog has no set theme to it as many other bloggers have decided to do. When I first started blogging, i would look up some tips and tricks behind creating a blog. Most of the posts on that topic had a lot to say withing ‘finding your niche’. To me that just sounds like somebody coming to you and saying, ‘find your purpose in life’ when in reality not even a 70 year old can tell you their purpose in life.

To those who want to start blogging or just anything in general, do it because you enjoy doing it. If you’re going to ask for advice and base your blog and your posting off what other bloggers have told you to do, you’ll just be following their footsteps instead of being your own person.

My advice to you is just do it. Create your URL, whether it is a purchased domain name OR it’s what they give you. Create posts with pictures and some with not. Make it pretty, make it ugly, write in CAPS IF YOU WANT, don’t care about the grammar or the spelling, do whatever you please to do. It is yours, it is what you want to create and build up from there. You do not need a specific reason for creating a blog or running after your dreams. Do it for you. Let that be the reason.

I say that i am an lifestyle blogger but i have plans for blog posts that have to do with fashion/beauty, technology, movies, books and so forth. I am not a fashion expert nor beauty guru. I am no expert in technology, i do not read books often, i do not go to the movies often either BUT my posts have a lot to do with the things i go out to do and enjoy because it’s part of life.

I enjoy reading blogs and books on my iBooks (iphone app), i enjoy going to the movies with my family even if i have no idea what movie we are going to be watching. I enjoy putting make up on for the sake of a party or sometimes just to look different than how i look every other day. I enjoy social media and technology, so why not just tell you all about the things i know?

It may confuse a lot of people because they’ll follow my blog because of one post on technology or movies or book reviews BUT who’s to say that it wouldn’t continue if my audience wants it?

I blog for the sake of my life, this is A Journey Within. This is my journey, welcome.

A Journey Within | Purpose | Advice to Future Bloggers

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