New Semester, New Me?

Hey readers,

So I just got out of my first class which was FRENCH 101. I’m super excited already for the class honestly. I’m just sitting in the cafeteria and i feel GREAT. Honestly i do. I used to feel really intimidated when it came down to being in this campus by myself. It’s a lot bigger, which means a lot more people. If you fall, everyone see’s you fall and so forth. Who wouldn’t be indimated in a big school you know?

But today, i’ve never felt so confident in a room. I don’t even look any diferent. I’m wearing exactly what i wear all the time to work or when i hang out with anybody really.  tank top, a cardigan and jeans. My hair is up in a bun (as always) and im wearing beige flats. No biggie you see? I’m not sure why it’s easier for me this semester or why im so confident today but it feels great.

I made this post purposely for the fact that my french class professor actually told us if we have a preffered name to be called rather than our first name / legal name, to let her know and she will accommodate to that. As most of you may know me as Brianna (my legal name), i’ve been really comfortable with other’s calling me by my middle name; Anjelique or Anj for short. All of my social media has to do with BriannaAnjelique or Brianjelique or Anjelique by it’s self. I enjoy that because it’s unique and different, not that i do not love my first name, of course i do. All of my family members and or close friends do call me Bri or nana ( my nephew gave me that nickname ) and it will stay that way BUT anyone who knows me from online and who meet me through school, i’ll be introducing / calling myself by my middle name.

College years are all about finding yourself. Creating a new lifestyle believe it or not. Leaving highschool, you expect it to get harder in college and honestly it hasn’t been TOO difficult for me. Time management is the biggest thing in college, if you have that and organizational skills you will be okay in college. You’re able to be whomever you want in college. If you want to be a person who goes out partying, go party. If you’re a person who wants to use different colored high lighters for things in classes and sticky notes, be that person. If you want to cut your hair and be Andrew instead of Andrea, or if you want to be Megan instead of Marc-Anthony, DO IT.

There is nothing wrong with being who you want to be as your college years go on. Find yourself, be yourself, LOVE yourself.

Every day you wake up is another day for a better change. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing whatever it is to keep that smile on your face. As long as you’re happy, that is ALL that counts.


Change is good. Change is great. As long as it’s for the right reasons; for you.

Stay classy, NEVER trashy.

Love always,


New Semester, New Me?

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