Goodbye Summer

Hey readers!! It’s septemeber 07,2016 and well most of you probably have started school already. My first day is tomorrow. I honestly forgot i had school in the morning, it wasn’t until i looked at my work schedule that i realized tommorrow is the day! I’ve been so busy working that i’ve forgotten the date and how close school was approaching. I’m actually excited and nervous at the same time.

I’m not sure why I’m nervous honestly, but i know im excited because i finally have things to do again throughout my days. I’ll be able to meet new people that just aren’t asking me for certain sizes and having to ask them for their email for a rewarding program. (retail problems) lol. BUT im also excited because i’m really interested in the classes i’ll be taking this semester. I’ll also be in school twice a week from 8am till 4Pm. I’ll have hour breaks in between most of my classes which gives me time to do my homework or even write a post for you guys.

I really do plan on blogging a lot more. I think blogging is more my forte and not vlogging. Maybe some day i’ll vlog occasionally or just do travel vlogs and post them here. you know? I love being able to express myself through words, it’s more efficent for me.

I also plan to stay really organized and color coordinated too with everything in school this semester, lets see how this goes.

I plan on having a school series on here, should be fun. Comment or message me with some topics that have to do with school or not and i’ll cover it for y’all!!!

In order for me to be ready for school tomorrow morning i actually have to make sure everything is set now so that way in the morning all i have to do is make sure I’m dressed, had my coffee and out the door on time. So this post is actually going to be my checklist, and maybe some of you could use it too!

First Day of school checklist:

  1. notebooks and binder
  2. morning coffee
  3. pens, pencils and highlighters
  4. headphones & phone charger
  5. lunch money
  6. laptop and laptop charger
  7. snacks, water, juice (to stay awake in class)
  8. planner (agenda)
  9. schedule & class room numbers
  10. small notebook for ‘needed’ things
  11. folder for syllabus / hand outs

Yeah i carry a lot in my bag at all times just in case i ever lose or destroy something. There’s nothing wrong with being more ready. if that is even proper grammar? WHO KNOWS.

But this is my checklist for my first day of school. What does yours look like?



Goodbye Summer

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