It’s Okay


We don’t know what life is going to bring to us each and every morning that we wake up. We might have a good day, a bad day, a bad moment, a good moment, and so forth.. and in some of those days or moments throughout ught the day it could be a bit rough not having someone to hold us and comfort us the way that we kind of need that comfort. I know that every bad moment that i am having, i need the comfort so i either call up a friend i know i could count on or i grab a teddy bear that means or correlates to somebody meaningful in my life.

It all may sound a bit childish, a ninetteen year old girl holding a teddy bear while she is upset because of a bad moment or bad day, but really, think about it. Some of us may write till our hearts and mind have no words left, some of us go for long and fast rides in our car, some of us drink, some of us smoke, some of us just do different things to cope. Maybe in some moments we do one thing and in another bad/good moment we do another thing, whatever it is, it’s our form of coping and whichever it is that we do things, it is okay.

It’s weird but it’s also true; I grew up in a world where boys can’t cry or talk about their feelings in any way because it isn’t ‘boy like’. And you know, i did grow up in a world where being gay wasn’t normal, that’s why it took so long for me to even accept it myself when i was younger and why it was hard for me to even come out the closet. Just because something is more accepted now than it was five years ago or more, it still doesn’t make it easier to let it all happen. It doesn’tmake it easier to be ourselves.

It’s scary to think how in some amount of years i’ll have children of my own. They’ll have to go through it too. The whole figuring themselves out. Whether or not to be scared to tell me or any one else who they are. Whether or not to be scared about even stepping out the house for being the color that they are because we live in a world where black and white are two different people. We live in a world where even though we are ‘the land of the free’ we still aren’t free of anything. Think about it. It’s really a shame because there are great people in this world of all ages, color, sizes etc.. there are just great people out there. But society tends to be close minded and not see the bigger picture, they rather see within a small picture. Let’s face it this world is very selfish. Very selfish, and it is a damn shame.

but let me tell you, to whom ever is reading this, whenever you’re reading this. Whether it is the year 2016 or the year 2030, it is OKAY.

It is okay to be white.

It is okay to be Black.

it is okay to be tan.

it is okay to be purple.

it is okay to be blue.

it is okay to be red.

it is okay to be sad.

it is okay to be happy.

it is okay to be angry.

it is okay to be scared.

it is okay to be deteremind.

it is okay to cry.

it is okay to laugh.

it is okay to scream.

it is okay to smile.

it is okay to love the same sex.

it is okay to be transgendered.

it is okay to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual.

it is okay to make mistakes.

it is okay to make a lot of them.

it is all okay to be yourself, but remember to pick yourself right back up and fight your battles, fight the RIGHT battles. Whether you win or you lose, you still fought and you fought hard. If you can do that, you can survive.

and sadly, that’s all what this world is about; surviving.

Do whatever it takes. do not give up. Be yourself.

It is okay.


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