8 Steps to Coming out


I receive this question a lot, espeicially online within the younger crowds. Not sure if any of you will be seeing this, but just in case. So you’re obviously a bit nervous or scared to come out the closet to your loved ones. How do i know this? Because you’re on the internet looking to find some kind of motivation within answers to this question. I’m going to try and answer this as best as I can. Keep in mind, even if you PLAN to do certain things and say certain things when coming out the closet, sometimes it may not even go that way that you originally planned. I mean what ever does go as planned?

  1. So the first thing i think you should do is know that you’re 100% ready to come out the closet. This means, that you’d be able to deal with whatever reaction that a loved one may have when you come out to them. You being able to still stay true to yourself no matter what the situation may be.
  2. I believe you shouldn’t tell too many people before telling your parents/gaurdian. This will then cause a possibility to found out the truth by someone else rather than you and in most cases that is kind of a bad thing.
  3.  Find ONE person you can trust. A person that will be willing to help you throughout the process of telling your loved ones. A person that you know will accept you for who you are and be there to guide you and hold you if anything were to go wrong.
  4. Tell your parents. Sit them down and tell them. It’s okay if you cry, it’s okay if you shake, it is OKAY. Remember that. If you feel the need to do any of these things let it out, let it happen, so they can see how serious you are and how much it means for them to know exactly who you are.
  5. Listen. Whether or not they agree with your lifestyle; listen. If they are yelling, listen. If they are crying, listen. If they are happy, listen. They might not agree with your lifestyle at the moment, they might not agree with it AT ALL but they will most likely tell you that they love you and you will always be important to them no matter who you end up with. So please, listen.
  6. If things go wrong, it is not the end of the world. Please please please remember this. If you get kicked out, if you’re in a situation where you aren’t welcomed by the people you have told, go to that person you know will let you in. You will be ok. You are alive and you will turn things around for you in the long run, with or without them. You can get back  up from this downfall and prove to them that YOU are who you are and you can do whatever you want even if you are gay,lesbian,bisexual,pansexual,transgender, etc…
  7. Never give up. Never stop fighting for who you are. How do you think it is accepted MORE now in 2016? Because we stayed quiet? no. Just how there is a #BlackMovement , there are many, many other movements and protests and FIGHTS that people put on for THEIR rights as a citizen, as a human being. Do not give up.
  8. You are NEVER alone. You aren’t ever. Remember that you are part of a family, a community filled with people who have once been in your shoes. We have all been there. To those who have came out the closet for the first time, they will tell you that it won’t be your last time coming out the closet. It will never be your last time. You have your LGBTQIA brothers and sisters supporting you and here for YOU. We love you.





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