Spread Peace Not War

Hey readers. So last night I went to get some munchies from 711 and where i parked was a man of color, asking for some change to anyone he’d cross paths with. He was just sitting on the floor by a brick pillar. His face was burnt on parts of his right side, he had his cap on that was really torn, he had torn parts on his clothes and dirt marks everywhere. His shoes had holes all over but they weren’t even the same shoe. Now, I’ve seen a lot of people on the streets looking in this kind of way but the man’s vibe and the way that his eyes shined in the pitch dark sky. The way that he asked for change was so soft and quiet nobody could really hear. I sat in my car while waiting for a friend and saw how he’d react when people would walk behind him, as if he was frightened. I saw how he’d react when people would just look at him and walk away without saying or giving him anything; embarrassed. Seeing this old man, he had to be between 60-70 years old, just asking for some change, it broke my heart to not do anything. I looked around for some change in my car but there was nothing there, i waited for my friend to return back with my change and that’s when i got out of my car and handed the poor man two dollars. He began to shed some tears followed by the words “thank you so much ma’am. thank you thank you. God bless you.” His voice was shaky and very raspy. I wished that i could do more for him, for all those that are afraid of living on the streets night after night. It honestly breaks my heart not only because i wish to help them get back on their feet but also because it reminds me of my grandfather.

My grandfather, my moms dad, has Alzheimer’s. When we first started to see the signs we noticed him going out for walks a lot and coming back with money in his hand or pockets. Sometimes we’d even catch him in other city’s and towns over from us. How? we do not know, but he figured it out.

I did not know this man, i do not know anyone that currently stays out on the streets asking for some help by getting some change or even food. Most people would walk away and not give anything, thinking that these people are asking for money so they’d buy drugs or alcohol or something that isn’t really needed. I’m not saying that some of these people out on the street are asking for money for just the right reasons because I’m sure there are people who aren’t taking it for the right reasons, BUT.. you could always buy them some food or even water and give that to them instead.

We do not know the stories of those who have to live out on the streets. We do not know the stories of those who have to be scared every night to even close their eyes for just five minutes. It is a shame that people do not look at these other human beings as what they are; humans. It’s a shame that people do not realize that maybe one day you’re in a situation or your loved one is in a situation where they are on that street looking for the warmest place to be, or the perfect place to ask for some food or even change.

I do not give my change or money to just everyone who asks me out on the streets, but i do pick the people who i get a certain vibe from. Because i think about it, what am i going to use this change for? Do i really need this change for the food that i could just eat at home? Do i really NEED this or does this person need it more than i do?

Another story to bring up, today on my way back home from the airport i stopped by Dunkin donuts. A man who appeared to be deaf had come up to the man in the car in front of me. He handed the man a yellow card, and started to sign with his hands to the man. Of course, you’re probably thinking, ‘oh everyone pretends to be deaf so they’d get something out of it, no-one really knows sign language to understand.’ I’ve self-taught myself some sign language due to the fact that I’ve had deaf customers come into my store and i would ring them up. I also believe that it is a beautiful language to learn as well. So i picked up a few words that the man signed. “could you– not money– food.” The man in the car handed the guy two bucks, he thanked him and walked over to me. He then places the card in front of me and again signs towards me. I nodded to buy him food which then he hands me the two dollars the man in the front car had given him. At first i denied it but he insisted and signed thank you over and over. He wasn’t dressed in baggy clothes nor was he dressed nicely, he was just in a long shirt, some what ripped jeans, clean shoes, and had a book bag on him.

I am telling you these stories today not for the acknowledgment of doing something good for somebody but because these two events had opened up my eyes even more. Seeing the sadness turn into hope by looking at the way they speak and dress and the shine in their eyes, it just says a lot. Whether or not these two men were playing me for my money or not, the satisfaction of me knowing I was able to help someone during the time that i was out, instead of buying myself a donut that i really don’t need to be eating because i have cereal at home waiting for me, it puts a smile on my face and warmth into my heart. seeing the smiles and the tears of joy, it’s just something you can’t really regret.

If only the world would spread more love rather than hating people for their color, their sexuality, or their lifestyle point-blank.. maybe this world wouldn’t be such a bad place. But who am i kidding? The world will never see eye to eye. The world will never be a ‘good’ place. We will always have love being spread around but hate won’t be too far from the corner. As long as we have SOME love being spread, i guess that’s what matters.





Spread Peace Not War

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