Online Obsessions

So, if you know me personally you’ll know exactly what i am obsessed with buying. For those that do not know, take a simple guess what a nineteen year old iPhone college girl would buy so much of when she is shopping online. Did you guess it? IPHONE CASES!!!!

my cases say a lot about ME.

I am absolutely, in love with buying iphone cases. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. Honestly, I don’t know why I love it so much. I guess it’s the way that i could express the way i feel in that day or moment of going out? I am the type of person to let people know exactly how i feel about things, there isn’t a mute button once i let out my feelings. Such a girl, i know right! When i was in highschool i received my first iphone. My dad had gone away for a trip and for some reason he didn’t have his phone, i really don’t know why but any who, i went into the drawer and used his phone. It was the iphone 3G. I loved taking mirror photos for my myspace page, and my hi5 page. I loved being able to download apps on there like twitter, tumblr, YouTube and much more. It was just something i really was excited for. When my father allowed me to get my own iphone 3GS i was so happy, words couldn’t form into my mind!

At the time i don’t think their were many cases for the iphone. But, i switched phones like crazy in highschool. I would always drop my phone or something wrong would happen. So I’d go from iphone, to blackberry, to sidekicks and just every phone you can think of. We saved all our old phones so i was able to go through every single one of them yet again.

It wasn’t until the iphone 4 where I spent a lot of time looking at cases. Of course i was only 15/16 years old and didn’t have a job so i could only get cases my parents would pay for. Christmas lists and birthday wishes were always “money, clothes, cases” literally. When i got my iphone 5C, that is when the obsession began. I was now able to get my own things because I’d save money in my piggy bank, i’d sell things and so on. I made it work. I even started buying cases for people in school and selling them for a couple of dollars more just for the profit! For the iphone 5C I had about 10 cases within the first 5 months of having it. By the end of my senior year i had about 20 cases total. It’s crazy because i only really used one or two and those were given for christmas!

When I started my first semester in college, i still had the iphone 5C the great thing about this is, i got the iPad mini and both of these apple products were the first technologies i had for a very long time and didn’t break it! GO ME!! ( I still haven’t either! )   For my iPhone 5C I would sell my cases i had already used for a cheap price and bought myself new ones off the same app. The app i use is called Mercari. I still use it today to sell and buy things, it’s such a great app and community to be a part of. I can talk about the apps i use (because it isn’t the only one that i use), in another posting :)!

Anyway, when the iPhone 6Plus came out, my mother went and got it and I absolutely fell in love. So the exact same day, my parents took the trip again for me to get my phone. I had to trade in my iphone 5C but it didn’t matter to me, i just wanted my new phone!! I’m highly upset that i wasn’t told personally that it was only 2-3 dollars more a month for the iPhone 6S Plus because if i knew i would’ve gotten that one instead for the live feature and more.

But this phone is so big that some of the cases i get make it even more big and i don’t like that feeling of it for too long. I have around 10-20 cases for my iPhone and it hasn’t been a year yet of having the phone; YIKES. The reason why i get so many cases is because i find it annoying and boring to just have one. I like snapping cases, silicone, im VERY picky when it comes down to how my cases feel. I also love cheap things, so when i see cases on eBay or amazon that super cute and less than $2, well come on of course I’ll get excited and look for more!!!

Im SURE you have an obsession with something too, what is it?!


Leave your answers below!! I’m dying to know!!







Online Obsessions

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