Working in Retail

Hey there,

so okay, I have nothing against working in retail. A job is a job for me honestly, and i ADORE my job. I get to see cute little babies, make them smile, laugh and sometimes cry (oops). But it is such an amazing job. I love it but like any other job, it has it’s downfalls.

  1. Drama!

a. there is always drama between coworkers and managers. I mean if it isn’t one thing it is the other. Someone not working hard enough, someone working TOO hard where they are ‘showing off’, someone who does nothing at all, someone who blabs and makes up lies to make themselves look good, i think you get the point.

2. The hours SUCK.

a. When school comes around, i am limited to certain hours. I do not want to over do myself where i can’t concentrate BUT i need the money for bills so that means i have to sacrifice my girls day out on friday nights and my family sunday’s. For someone who is VERY family oriented, i mean, VERY, it is such a hard thing to deal with.

b. Another issue with the hours is, you might get called randomly during the day to come in within hours of the shift they need you for and you most of the time have to say no because you’re already out doing things you planned ahead of time.

c. working holidays. You literally have NO holiday off. You have to work, it is absolutely mandatory because of how crazy it gets. Which again sucks for those who are very family oriented. The only PRO about this is that you get time & half for most of the holiday’s that you work.

d. You get those RUDE as hell customers. Those customer’s that don’t want to wait in line for FIVE minutes so they bug you to bring someone else to the register. Once you tell them there is no one else because we are short staffed they huff and puff. But excuse me ma’am or sir, there is ONE person in front of you which i am ringing only a couple of items for. You seriously can’t wait? We aren’t obligated to have five registers opened for only three people in line. Come on now. So those really rude and impatient customers throw their things either at you or on other tables making it more of a mess for us to clean as if we aren’t annoyed and tired but other rude customers like you?

People fail to realize that we have lives and families to get home to. We have our own things to do as well, we do not want to stay till 5AM when we could simply just stay past closing an hour or maybe two hours to clean up a store filled with baby clothes and such. Be considerate to those who want to get home and rest up and enjoy their family or down time just as much as you do.



Working in Retail

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