Long Distance Relationships : How To Make It Last

I haven’t really been in a successful long distance relationship, but i definitely can tell you all the things that are needed to be said and done when it comes down to being in one.

  1. You’re going to need to schedule time for one another. This means, facetime calls twice a week for two hours. Phone calls during breaks. If you are going out with family or friends, tell each other ahead of time so there is no fuss or feelings being hurt thinking you’d talk on the phone all night and so forth.
  2. Plan out when you’re seeing each other, whether it is for the first time, second, third and so forth. DO NOT change the date unless it is absolutely important to.
  3. When it comes to finally seeing each other in person, make sure you have your days plan out as well. If you plan to be together for a week, have a day to go shopping, a day to go out and try new foods, a day to the museum or water park, a day to stay in and just cuddle with movies, cook for one another and so forth. Just make sure it isn’t a, “what do you want to do now” type of day.
  4.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY. If something that your partner said or has done that you do NOT agree with, tell them you didn’t like it. Do not hold back!! But also, don’t start an argument. Make sure you speak on facetime or on the phone so you both hear the tone of the conversation. Keep it calm and steady and actually talk things out, there is no need to argue. You can’t make up easily when its a electronic kind of relationship most of the time.
  5. Send each other gifts!!! If you’re out with your family and you see something you know for sure will either cheer your partner up or even remind them of YOU, go ahead and buy it, put it in a box with other goodies or cute letters and send it on their way. I mean, idk about you but it makes me happy to get packages in the mail and if it is from my girlfriend/boyfriend who i cannot see as much as i’d like to, it would make my entire week better! It just shows your parnter you are thinking about them and you know exactly what they like.
  6. Remember the little things count most.
  7. when in an argument try to not go hours without speaking to your partner. try to fix things in the heat of the moment or 30 minutes after everything is cooled down. Especially if you’re in different time zones, you wouldn’t want them crying themselves to sleep or even have yourself going to bed in that matter now would you?
  8. Virtual date night! it sounds really cheesy BUT… you do spend most of your time in different worlds. So, take a night maybe once a week or once a month where you both go to the coffee house or resturant or even just stay home together with the same snacks and movie. Watch it together, eat it together, enjoy your date night together.
  9. Surprise visits. This is probably the cutest thing ever. Tell them you’ll see them for christmas but show up for thanksgiving. Plan ahead with family or friends of your partners. Have them help you keep the secret and plan it all out to work. There’s nothing sweeter then seeing your loved one earlier than you thought. You also get the plus of seeing their reaction, maybe this could test out how much they have feelings for you as well!
  10. Have trust. If you can’t trust your parnter hanging around other people, going out and enjoying their night with their friends then you might have an issue on your hands.
  11. You’re miles apart from each other. Two different worlds and it does get hard, but you need to remember that the love and the bond you have together isn’t breakable. If you both put the effort in it. You both work hard at keeping it a healthy and stable relationship and remember the GOOD overways the bad, you will both be alright.


Love works in mysterious ways. If you’ve got a good one whether they live 30 minutes away or 15 hours away, hold them close to your heart and never let go of that. Love is defined to our own terms. Love is what we make out of it. There are 8 billion people in this world… do you really think that out of that 8 billion, your soulmate lives in the same state as you?




Long Distance Relationships : How To Make It Last

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